Oregon Buck Gets Into The Christmas Spirit, Tangles Up Antlers In Christmas Lights


We all know deer are incredibly common to sight, especially at night when you can find tons of them hanging out in somebody’s front yard, or on the side of the road as you drive by.

Oh yeah, and you have to be incredibly careful, because I’ve had too many close calls with deer jumping straight out in front of my car while driving at night.

However, this deer sighting is one you’ll probably never encounter in your lifetime…

Because a buck managed to get a ton of Christmas lights tangled in his antlers.

The wild scene happened in Dallas, Oregon, when a buck got tangled up in a Christmas display right before Thanksgiving.

He more than likely was rutting, and while rubbing its antlers against a tree, happened to get all of the Christmas lights tangled up in his antlers.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was alerted about the situation, but was having a difficult time spotting the deer.

However, after a tip from the police department, they were able to spot and tranquilize the buck, and safely remove the tangled mess of Christmas lights in his antlers.

The ODFW shared in a Facebook post:

“To all you Clark Griswolds out there, we know you love decorating for Christmas but this is a step too far! This buck got a head start on decking the halls and was first reported to ODFW before Thanksgiving.

Thanks to a call from the Dallas Police Department yesterday, ODFW staff were able to locate and dart the buck to remove the lights. No injuries were found and the buck got up quickly and went on its way. A yellow ear tag was placed in each ear for identification purposes.

Bucks rub their antlers on trees, bushes and other objects— in September to get rid of velvet and during the rut from October into mid-December to mark territory and show dominance against other bucks. Each fall we receive reports of bucks tangled up in volleyball nets, hammocks and yes, even Christmas lights.

If you have deer frequenting your property, hang lights higher up in trees where bucks cannot get into them. In the case of volleyball nets or hammocks, it is best to take them down when not in use.”

At the end of the day, it’s great that everybody was able to walk away unharmed, but I just couldn’t imagine the wild scene of seeing a buck walking around with daggum Christmas lights on his antlers.

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