Jackie Chan Confirms ‘Rush Hour 4’ Is In The Works: “We’re Talking About Part 4 Right Now”

Rush Hour 4

Looks like Jackie Chan is ready to get back on the saddle again.

According to Deadline, Chan announced at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that Rush Hour 4 is currently in the works.

He shared to the crowd:

“We’re talking about part 4 right now.”

Although he didn’t identify a director, there’s a possibility that American filmmaker Brett Ratner will take over the helms, as he directed the last three Rush Hours, although he hasn’t directed a film since 2014 after seven women accused him of sexual harassment and misconduct back in 2017, forcing Warner Bros. to cut ties with him.

Chan starred in the previous three movies between 1998 and 2007, as the series follows a Hong Kong detective inspector who finds an unusual buddy in a loudmouth LAPD cop to solve a number of international crimes.

The OG Rush Hour grossed $244 million worldwide for New Line Cinema, turning Chan into an acting legend, even though Chan admitted that he thought the movie would be a flop before it dropped.

On top of that, he also planned to quit Hollywood for good, as he couldn’t get any interesting roles:

“I tried so many times to go to Hollywood, but after that, I said no more Hollywood because my English is not good, they’re not my culture, they don’t like this kind of action.”

Chan added that he would only receive scripts about East Asian detectives in America, but he really wanted to grow his acting roles.

But then Rush Hour was pitched to him:

“My manager said look, there’s a script, and it’s called Rush Hour. I said no, Hong Kong police? I’m not going to do it. He said Jackie, why don’t you try last time. I said okay, this is the last time.” 

And then he received great news from Ratner and Tucker:

“Dude, we’re a huge success. We’re 70 million in the first weekend.”

He admitted he wasn’t sure what that number meant, but he knew it was successful:

“For me, I don’t have a count of what 70 million is. I don’t know the box office. I just know it’s certainly a success. And then they made part 2 and part 3.”

He also told the crowd that after Rush Hour 4, he plans to focus on love stories, and he is prepping for a project that he described as a “drama film for women:”

“I hope very soon it can release here. It’s a drama film. And it’s made for women. I hope one day you can see it.”

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