Dude Has A Little Too Much Liquid Courage & Gets The ‘Yellowstone’ “Y” Branded On His Chest


For the brand…

If you’re a fan of Yellowstone, then there’s one specific thing you notice amongst all of the main characters that work on the ranch…

It’s that they have the “Y” in Yellowstone branded on their chest, right over their heart, meaning that their loyalty lies with the Dutton family ranch for the rest of their days, from Kayce, Beth, Rip, Jimmy, Teeter, Colby Ryan, Lloyd, and Walker.

We all can recall at the very beginning of season one, when Jimmy was the first character we saw get branded by Rip while he was high as a kite in his trailer, and then we saw the tradition follow for a number of other characters including Walker and Teeter.

Although it may be pretty badass, perfectly displaying the kind of loyalty it takes to make it on the Dutton ranch, this is NOT something you wanna try at home…

And for this unfortunate soul, seems like the alcohol got the best of him.

In this video, you see a shirtless dude who has obviously drank a little bit over the legal limit, catching the “Yellowstone” brand by one of his buddies.

He’s trying to minimize the pain by biting down on a towel, but it’s easy to see that my guy is HATING his life, and immediately regrets his decision as soon as that branding iron touches his skin and the smoke begins to rise.

Although this dude will have one helluva story to tell, I highly suggest you don’t try this at home.

I can only imagine the pain, and not to mention, he’s gonna have to explain why in the fiddler’s f*ck there’s a big ass “Y” on his chest for the rest of his life. Also, in 5 years when nobody gives a shit about Yellowstone anymore, you wanna be walking around with a “Y” on your chest? Nah, man…

Liquid courage, man…

Check it out:

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