Riley Green Plays Acoustic Version Of “Different ‘Round Here” For Troops At Fort Rucker, Alabama

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“We stand for the flag, and if you don’t like, it we don’t care…”

It just hits different hearing that at a setting like Fort Rucker, Alabama.

And Riley Green recently played it for Army troops there in his home state, after joining them for some training as part of the Grand Ole Opry’s Inside The Base series.

The title track to his 2019 debut studio album, “Different ‘Round Here” was written by Riley along with frequent collaborators Randy Montana and Jonathan Singleton.

He opened the performance by saying how much he appreciated everything the men and women in uniform do to protect and keep us safe day in and day out, adding that is was extra special to get to play for them at home in Alabama.

He also talked a little bit about the song, saying it was inspired by all the values he learned growing up there:

“I wanna thank General McCurry and everybody here at Fort Rucker for letting me come down and be a part of this. Obviously, I’m very proud to be an American and very thankful for all of the soldiers, I have an appreciation for everything y’all do.

I’ve got some family that served and a lot of that comes out in my songs. I’m also very proud to be from Alabama, which is one thing that was very special about this for me was coming and seeing somewhere that’s my home state.

And how much goes into this out here and how hard y’all work. I only have a little bit of it, one day I skipped the two mile run this morning in PT and they still kicked my butt. But I had a great time today, and I just wanna thank everybody for letting us be a part of it.

And I wanna play y’all I song I wrote about some of the values I got growing up in northeast Alabama. It’s called ‘Different ‘Round Here.'”

And I mean, with that Black Hawk sitting behind him and all the servicemen and women watching on in uniform, it makes for a pretty epic backdrop and performance:

“Different ‘Round Here”

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