Charles Wesley Godwin On Opening For Zach Bryan: “There’s Nothin’ Better Than Going Out There And Getting To Open For The #1 Guy”

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If you’re opening for the hottest thing in country music right now, you’re doin’ somethin’ right…

Charles Wesley Godwin has been out on the road all year with superstar Zach Bryan on his American Heartbreak tour, and it goes without saying that getting the opening spot on the sold-out trek of Zach’s is a massive opportunity.

I mean, most artists would do just about anything to be in that position, as it gives them exposure to an entirely new (and pretty rabid) fanbase and bring their music to a large group of people.

And of course, it’s no secret that West Virginia native Charles Wesley Godwin is an incredible talent, and he didn’t get there for no reason.

I recently got the chance to chat with him at Greenville Country Music Fest, and I had to ask him what it’s been like to play for sold-out crowds across the country with his friend Zach:

“It’s great, I mean, it’s the greatest opportunity in the world.

As a young country singer trying to build a career, there’s nothin’ better than going out there and getting to open for the number one guy right now.”

A true testament to the power of Zach Bryan right now, told by someone who’s seen it and experienced it first-hand more than just about anybody else.

Charles likened it to a modern day version of Beatle-mania, echoing similar sentiments he previously explained on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, adding that Zach’s fans have taken to him and really embraced his incredible music, which is awesome to hear:

“It’s like a new version of Beatle-mania. We’ve played crowd sizes of 15,000, 13,000, 18,000, 9,500, 10,000, 12,000, just all throughout the year.

And every single show, everybody’s singin’ every single word, it’s electric.

And the camaraderie between our two camps, and the crowd really takes to us as an opener really well, which you know, that’s not always the case a lot of times. So it’s been a great experience and a huge opportunity.”

I got the chance to see them perform a few months ago in Asheville, North Carolina, and let me tell you, he ain’t lyin’. Electric is probably the only accurate way to describe it.

And of course, while I had the time, I also had to ask him about their murder ballad duet “Jamie,” which was released as part of Zach’s Summertime Blues EP this past July.

He told me that Zach sent him the demo before it was even finished to ask if he’d sing with him on it, and of course, Charles was happy to lend his haunting, rich vocals.

From the time he got out of the car to record the song, they were done in 30 minutes flat:

“Yeah, Zach started that in January, sent it to me, and asked if I’d wanna sing on it with him whenever he finished it. I think he just started it, so I was like, ‘Yeah man, sure thing.’

And then come June, we were on our way to Chicago one evening and he called and said, ‘Meet me in Phili, like, next Tuesday. We’re doin’ it.’ And I was like, ‘Alright.’

So rolled in there, and we got it done in 30 minutes after I got out of the car.”

Make sure you check out the whole clip below, I have a feeling CWG is gonna be sellin’ out his own headlining tour sooner rather than later:

@whiskeyriff CWG talks about what it’s like opening for Zach Bryan. 🎥 @axel.mikiel ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

Charles’ incredible 2021 record How The Mighty Fall took the top spot on our Top 40 year-end album list last year, so if you aren’t already on the CWG train, you’re extremely late… but fear not, because we have a great list to get you started.


And here’s one of those “electric” live performances you have to see…

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