Lone Wolf Navigates River To Attack Cow Elk At Yellowstone National Park

Wolf Yellowstone national park

It’s easy to forget sometimes that these animals aren’t just hanging around at Yellowstone National Park, they are actually out here desperately trying to survive.

Seeing a wolf pack hunt is an incredible thing, as they work together so well. But when a lone wolf goes after a large animal like an elk you know they are serious hunters all on their own.

A cow elk on average comes in at 500 to 600-pounds while a massive wolf would be 150-pounds… that shows you the incredible difference and how powerful and brave these dogs are.

The video starts with a wolf laying in the grass.

Eventually it pans to an elk standing on the river side.

Somehow the wolf gets to the other side of the river and is standing on the shore debating on jumping in after the elk. The elk realizes it is unsure of what to do so it stays put hoping it’s in a safe zone.

The wolf crosses the river in a safer spot and runs and attacks the elk. Using its size to its advantage the elk wades through deep water to escape. The wolf, who might be in a little too deep, jumps from shore to shore getting in a good spot to attack as the elk continues to use the water to its advantage.

This shows how smart the animals really are, using their own strengths to their benefit at all times.

The elk does well, but eventually the wolf gets a really good attack going and takes the elk down. As the elk works its way into deeper waters, the wolf lets off.

The elk stays in the high water and floats down river away from the wolf as the video ends.

Just an absolute battle.

Although the wolf comes up empty handed it shows they are elite killers,  being able to give an adult elk a run for their money.

Maybe the wolf caught up with the elk downstream…  it’s anyone’s guess.


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