Texas Taxidermist Stumbles Upon Buck With Third Eye Hiding Under Its Skin

Three-eyed deer
Double Nickle Taxidermy

We’ve seen some pretty wild pictures and videos over the years featuring deer.

Some that are so strange, that it feels like it can’t be real.

From zombie deer walking around with their organs exposed, a deer walking with an arrow through its head, and even a deer with an antler growing out of its eye socket, it truly is hard to wrap your mind around these things.

It just goes to show you how resilient these animals truly are, even when the odds are overwhelmingly against them.

And we have yet another example of a deer straight from Mars… or perhaps Chernobyl.

I’m talking about a harvested deer that has a THIRD EYE formed under its skin.

According to Field & Stream, Jon Wilson of Double Nickel Taxidermy in New Braunfels, Texas, posted a picture of a buck’s skull, and everything about the deer appears normal, except you know, a third eye located directly below its left eye.

Wilson wrote:

“Never have I ever… seen a deer with 3 eyes! What seemed to be an abscess at first  was later revealed to be a fully formed eye under the skin!

This will be a surprise to the hunter!… nature sure is amazing!”

Wilson also told the outlet:

“We have skinned thousands if not tens of thousands of deer over the years. Typically a lump under the skin is simply an abscess or maybe even a broken off piece of antler from fighting with another deer that healed over. This is definitely the weirdest thing we have seen.”

Unfortunately, the hunter is getting a skull mount, so the third eye will be removed, but nevertheless, it’s a pretty wild picture to say the least.

Wilson concluded:

“We are fortunate to get to mount lots of unique animals from all over the world. But this one definitely takes the cake.

Tough to say what would come in second to this, but we have seen a mule-shoed hog, albino, melanistic, and leucistic animals, and three hooves on one foot to name a few. As for this one, disbelief would probably sum up our reaction the best.”

Looks like a pretty normal deer, save for the lump under its eye… who knew what was hiding under there:

“Here’s the before pic everyone has been asking about! The three eyed deer didn’t show his abnormality other than the lump on the side of his face.”

Wild, man…

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