Ohio Hunter Bags Big 228-Inch Buck With Antler Growing Out Of Its Eye Socket


Dave Stuckey is a pretty renown hunter in the state of Ohio, known for bagging monster bucks.

This past Halloween, the story was the same, except this buck included a feature that is either really awesome, or really disgusting, depending on the person.

According to Field & Stream, Stuckey took down a massive 228-inch 18-point buck, and one other feature that sets it aside from all the others…

It has a 2 1/2-inch tine growing out of its eye socket.

Stuckey told the outlet that he first encountered the buck four years ago:

“I was actually looking for the antlers of another buck I’d hunted that fall. I came up over this rise and there was a matched set from this buck. I was over three miles away from where I eventually killed the deer.”

Although he discovered the great sheds, he had no contact with the deer that fall.

But the next summer, he went out in search of the monster again:

“But the next summer I started seeing the buck again, and of course, he had my attention. He was living on a big farm that I couldn’t hunt, but I had access to an adjacent property. I’d spot him once in a while, but he kept moving around. “ 

However, as this season approached, he knew he had to find a place where he could get a good chance at a shot, and he did. He began to see the buck regularly, but couldn’t figure out its pattern.

He found a good spot where he could set up a stand, and as he sat there he finally got a clean look at the buck from within 50-yards with his crossbow. He took his first shot, and unfortunately missed.

He then decided to try his luck again the next day, and sure enough, he had another encounter, and it was a successful one.

Stuckey recalled:

“I looked that way and I could see just his rack as some does ran away from the buck and into the CRP near me. Finally he walked out and stood at 50 yards. After the shot, he ran to the ditch.

I waited awhile then decided to go mark the spot where he walked in the timber, before getting help to track him. But when I got to the woods I could see him, just ahead of me. I didn’t even walk up to him, I just went to get some buddies to join me in retrieving him.”

He called the local game warden over so he could get a good look at the buck too, and avoid any issues with the harvest.

Needless to say, Stuckey will have a hunting story he’ll never forget.

You can see the antler sticking out of the eye socket pretty clearly on Instagram:

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