Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield Have Teamed Up For New “Holy Bites” Line Of Edible Gummies

Mike Tyson gummies
Tyson 2.0

We all know Mike Tyson to this day as the baddest boxer to ever walk the planet, and probably the craziest as well.

We’re talking about a guy who used to explode in the middle of interviews, war arrested multiple times, accused of sexual assault, and perhaps most notably, bit a part of fellow boxer Evander Holyfield’s ear off during a fight.

He also knocked out Alan in the movie The Hangover…

Needless to say, I’d be terrified to make eye contact with Tyson in his prime.

However, the man has discovered psychedelic toad venom, and appears to have mellowed out a good bit over the years.

Nowadays, he’s a marijuana tycoon who has seen a ton of success with his “Mike Bites” edibles, which are shaped like an ear with a chunk bitten out of them, eluding to his past antics with Holyfield.

One would think that a move like biting somebody’s ear would be unforgivable, but apparently, it appears that Tyson and Holyfield have made amends.


Because the two have teamed up to release edibles of their own, and ironically called “Holy Ears.”

Holyfield told the New York Post:

“I wanted to make sure that things were going to be right, and I realized it was a good deal.”

Holyfield also recalled the fights in 1996 and 1997, where Tyson ultimately bit the top of Holyfield’s ear off in the second round.

He said that his first reaction was to turn around and tell Tyson he was gonna bite his face off:

“He was shocked! I said, ‘You know, you come from the ghetto. Anything you do to me, I’m gonna do worse.”

Tyson also admitted that he knew what he was doing:

“I really didn’t black out. I was f*ck, he was kicking my ass, and I just got crazy and I bit him.”

Holyfield also noted that there wasn’t any bad blood immediately after the fight:

“I walked back to the locker room and said I was going to forgive him. They (my camp) were like, ‘You can’t forgive him!’ I was like, ‘He bit me. He didn’t bite y’all.”

And now, they’re in business together.

The first version of “Holy Bites” will be cherry punch flavor, and will be available in legal marijuana states that carry Verano products, which include New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada, and Arizona, by Thanksgiving.

If Iron Mike and Evander Holyfield can get along, anybody can:

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