Hunters Use Bear Spray To Stop Extremely Aggressive Black Bears

bear spray

That will give ya the scaries.

Sure, they’re hunting and probably have the right ticket for safety with an aggressive bear. But, nobody wants to injure an animal they don’t have to.

Black bears are sometimes to smart for their own good. They have incredible smelling senses and climbing abilities. They can find food anywhere there is something edible.

Watching a bear always comes with some enjoyment. They are just so funny and humanlike in many ways that don’t even make sense. But, those moments always hold the though in the back of your mind that these creatures are known to be aggressive from time to time.

Anyone who has spent tons of time in bear country has likely had a run in, many even an aggressive one with a possible charge.

Having to pull out bear deterrents like bear spray certainly gets the heart pumping. To use this deterrent the bear has to be very close.

These hunters were up in a tree for a hunt when a pair of black bears took notice to them and did not appreciate their presence. They quickly became very aggressive.

The video shows the hunter holding bear spray as the bear starts to climb up the tree he is in. The second bear starts up directly for them.

When it gets within range, the man blasts the bear spray, hitting one bear and sending them both running.

The hunter summed up the altercation in the caption.

“These bears are approx. 2 years old and weigh about 150 lbs. 

The first bear was curious and passive, the second bear had been aggressive and agitated all night.   The popping of his teeth and huffing resulted in the decision to pull the spray trigger. 

Unfortunately for Darryl, he also got a mouthful of spray fumes which totally made me start to laugh in my stand afterward.”

I’m sure that wasn’t the thrill they were after on this hunt.

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