Clever Mule Deer With Big Ol’ Rack Of Antlers Successfully Maneuvers Under A Gate

Mule deer

When it comes to deer hunting, we all love bagging massive bucks with a large rack of antlers, taking them straight to the taxidermist and mountin’ that bad boy on the wall for all our friends and family to see.

However, you have to think about how inconvenient those antlers just may be for the deer at times.

Maybe this is just one of those 4 AM stoner thoughts, but I mean sheesh, wouldn’t they just be a nuisance when trying to maneuver through the woods? I mean, we’ve all seen a video a deer with its head stuck in a fence, right?

Just part of it, I guess.

With that being said, here’s a video of one of the smartest mule deer bucks I’ve ever seen.

In the footage, you can see the mule with a massive rack staring at a gate, trying to figure out how in the hell he’s gonna get inside. Now, a deer generally has some pretty good hops, and depending on the size of the fence, like your standard backyard fence, can hop right over.

This gate? Probably not…

But it doesn’t appear to be his first rodeo.

Sure enough, he’s able to maneuver his way underneath the gate, one side of the rack at a time, and successfully get through to the other side without harming himself.


Mountain Biker Is Gored After High-Speed Collision With Red Deer On The Trail

Mountain biking is a great way to exercise, relieve stress, and take in the beauty of nature.

Of course, you have to be quick thinking and keep an eye out for rocks, roots, or fallen brush that may have fallen on the trail whenever you’re riding.

However, the last thing you probably have on your mind when biking through the forest is the fact that a massive creature could run out in front of you at any certain moment, and wipe you out and cause possible serious injury.

And in this example, we’re talking about a buck.

In the footage, a mountain biker is flying downhill through a trail at Lac Blanc Bike Park in Alsace, France, and got the GoPro strapped up, capturing the run.

Everything appears to be going smooth, and the biker is REALLY flying I must add, until you see something jump out directly in front of the biker, and they collide, sending the biker straight to the ground.

And that object he collided with?

It was a massive buck.

In caption, the man reveals that he actually was gored by the antler and lost a decent amount of blood:

“Lost the fight with Rudolph, lost quite a bit of blood and lost consciousness a few minutes later.”

And while he calls this beast Rudolph, it’s not a reindeer, but a red deer stag which are common across Europe. Unfortunately for him, they’re much bigger than the average whitetail, closer to the sign of an elk.

According to Nature Is Metal, the man was close to having a big problem on his hands:

“As for the man on the bike, he got banged up pretty good. He suffered heavy losses in the “vital fluid” department, and upon medical examination it was discovered that one of the deer’s antler points narrowly missed his right lung.

In other words, this man might not be on the road to recovery right now, had the business end of that deer’s antler landed 1cm (0.39in) higher than it did.”

Needless to say, the collision nearly turned deadly for the biker, who probably felt like he hit a brick wall… with, you know… spikes sticking out of it.

Check it out:

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