Kayak Fisherman Gets Dragged Up & Down The River Before Landing A 350-Pound Sturgeon

Sturgeon fish
Braeden Rouse

Yup, that happened.

Unbelievable… in a kayak!?

Catching a fish that is bigger then your boat is an impressive feat. The fish has the advantage the whole time… especially in something as light as a kayak.

Sturgeon are such a cool fish, and the Fraser River certainly produces some beauty Sturgeon like this 10.5 footer.

CTV News says Canadian man Braeden Rouse was fishing the Fraser River in British Columbia when he caught this while out on a fishing trip in a different province.

He went out for an afternoon of fishing with his girlfriend when he hooked this monster.

The video they posted to Facebook is his girlfriend filming Rouse as he gets pulled up and down the river. It’s not too hard to tell that he has a big fish on. It is just pulling him wherever it wants to go.

“I knew it was big. You can tell it’s big because when you go to pull, it won’t move… like, it won’t budge, and it’ll actually start running”

No fisherman’s tales here, it is huge. The sturgeon pulled Rouse all over the place.

“The surgeon started pulling me upstream, which is interesting. I battled him for about 25 minutes on river, and then we finally tired the fish out”

They had to come up with a plan to actually land the fish.

“We’re trying to figure out ‘how do we get to shore?’ We had some ropes on our boats, luckily, so Sidney tied the rope to her boat and she paddled as I was battling the fish. She paddled to shore and then pulled me in the rest of the way”

Finally, Rouse gets out of his kayak and the head of the fish comes out of the water. It is huge.

Rouse’s excitement in the video is what this is all about, and to do it all in a kayak makes it even better.

Congrats Braeden, for this great fish and great teamwork to get it done.

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