Yellowstone Season 5: Kelsey Asbille Says “The End Of Us” Moment Becomes A “Strength” For Kayce & Monica Dutton

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Start the countdown.

We’re a little more than a week away from the two-hour season premiere of Yellowstone Season 5, and while there are a number of different plot lines we’re dying to figure out, one of the biggest cliffhanger moments of Season 4 was Kayce Dutton’s (Luke Grimes) vision quest.

At the end of his journey, Kayce tells Monica (who happens to be expecting their second child) that he saw “the end of us.”

The end of the Dutton family? The end of him and Monica (ol’ Avery was giving him the eyes in Season 4)? Something deeper and metaphorical?

It’s anybody’s guess…

Whatever it means specifically, we can’t quite say for sure, but Yellowstone actress Kelsey Asbille (Monica Dutton) has revealed to TV Insider that the moment will actually help Kayce and Monica in the long run, and that fans will recognize it right away:

“Oh man, we do find out what it means. You get a sense of it in the first two episodes. By the end of the season, it becomes a strength.”

However, it seems like Monica and Kayce finally comes to grips with their place in this story, perpetually choosing between Monica’s Native American culture, the Reservation, and a quiet family life, or life as a Dutton, the the violence of protecting the ranch, and serving Kayce’s dad, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) who is now the Governor of the state of Montana.

Kayce has never been able to put the ranch and his family legacy behind him, despite what it has done for his marriage, but it sounds like Monica realizes in this season that her place may be at the Dutton Ranch as well.

“This season, they realize how much of a role they play in protecting the ranch. John’s way of life is constantly threatened. Monica, as a Native woman, identifies.

She realizes that not only do they have that in common, but she is part of the Yellowstone legacy.”

And finally, perhaps the biggest teaser of all… tragedy.

“Monica and Kayce go through something, and as tragic as it is, it pulls their hearts in different directions and changes who they are, in some ways for the better.

They become stronger.”

I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like they’re going to lose the baby in the first two episodes.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

Yellowstone Season 5 premiere Sunday, November 13th, only on Paramount Network.

And the official Season 5 trailer:

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Yellowstone: The Complete Soundtrack

We’re just two weeks away from the premiere of Yellowstone: Season 5…

Hold on to your asses.

The Paramount Network series is pretty much the hottest thing on television right now, and aside from the exceptional cast, the stunning mountain views, and the riveting storyline… the music in the series is downright phenomenal.

We’re talking Tyler Childers, Cody Jinks, Whiskey Myers, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Colter Wall, Whitey Morgan, Blackberry Smoke and a ton more.

The show also features a ton of Ryan Bingham’s music, who stars in the show as Walker, a drifting, ex-con ranch hand on the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch.

Season 5 will also introduce us to a new character played by country music star Lainey Wilson, and Lainey says she’s pretty much just playing herself. I’m sure we can expect more of her tunes on the Season 5 soundtrack.

And yeah, we all want to see what happens to the John, Beth, Kayce and the rest of the Dutton family, how John runs the state of Montana as the new Governor, what happens to Kayce & Monica’s relationship, can Jamie finally earn the respect of his family and more, but I also can’t WAIT to see what artists make the Season 5 soundtrack.

So, if you’re as stoked as I am for the music of Season 5, you MUST be following our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack playlist, available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Featuring EVERY SINGLE SONG from the series, we make sure we update it in real time, so every Sunday night, all the new stuff is right there.

It’s the most-followed Yellowstone playlist out there, and no joke… it might just be the best playlist on planet Earth.


Apple Music

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Ranking The Top 5 Songs From Every Season

Oh, we’re doing it people…

With the highly-anticipated Yellowstone Season 5 on the way, and a TON of great country music to look forward to, we’re going to try and tackle the impossible task of ranking the best songs from every season.

Some have argued that this past season wasn’t quite as good as the others, and many also didn’t particularly think the Season 4 finale was as exciting as the previous ones. And while that’s debatable, there’s no doubt in my mind that the music from the last season was just as good as ever.

And something tells me that Season 5 is going to be even better. Of course, Lainey Wilson will starring in this upcoming season so we’re sure to hear some new tunes from her.

Expertly curated by series creator Taylor Sheridan, as well as music supervisor Andrea von Foerster, Yellowstone unquestionably has the greatest soundtrack in the history of television.

In Season 4, we saw the likes of Shane Smith & the Saints, Colter Wall, Blackberry Smoke, Hailey Whitters, Ryan Bingham, John Prine, Willie Nelson, Cody Johnson, Jason Isbell, and more.

So without further ado, let’s count it down.

From the pilot episode, all the way up to the Season 4 finale, the soundtrack of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone has been absolutely incredible. The show itself is great too, but the soundtrack is really what ties it all together for me.

The music of Whiskey Myers is featured prominently throughout the series, as well as Ryan Bingham (who stars in the show), but along with Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, Colter Wall, Turnpike Troubadours and more, I honestly don’t think I could draw it up any better.

So that being said, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from each season.

Season 1

5. “Me and the Whiskey” – Whitey Morgan and the 78’s

4. “Keep the Wolves Away” – Uncle Lucius

3. “Tennessee Whiskey” – Chris Stapleton 

2. “All Choked Up Again” – Ryan Bingham

1. “Stone” – Whiskey Myers

Season 2

5. “Workin’ Overtime” – Lainey Wilson

4. “Pearl Snaps” – Jason Boland & The Stragglers

3. “Long Hot Summer Day” – Turnpike Troubadours

2. “The Weary Kind” – Ryan Bingham

1. “Nose On the Grindstone” – Tyler Childers

Season 3

5. “Condemned” – Zach Bryan

4. “Mama’s Song” – Cody Jinks

3. “Caroline” (feat. Belle Plaine) – Colter Wall

2. “Lady May” – Tyler Childers

1. “Turtles All the Way Down” – Sturgill Simpson

Season 4

5. “All I See Is You” – Shane Smith & the Saints

4. “Sleeping On The Blacktop” – Colter Wall

3. “Break My Heart Sweetly” – John Moreland

2. “Cover Me Up” – Jason Isbell

1. “West Texas In My Eye” – The Panhandlers

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