Palmer Anthony Drops New Single, “Forever Gone”

Palmer Anthony- country music

It has only been six months since the release of Palmer Anthony’s spectacular debut record Western & Roll, and it is clear that he has no plans of taking his foot off the gas.

Riding the momentum of the album, he’s already back at it with the release of his latest single “Forever Gone.”

And I think this one might be his best song yet.

Written alongside his buddy and fellow up-and-comer Tyler Halverson, “Forever Gone” is a catchy country tune about ending up on the wrong end of a lopsided relationship.

Drawing on some personal experiences, Anthony’s “Forever Gone” tale is all too familiar for many.

Check it out for yourself here:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Anthony, consider this a much needed introduction. The California native spent most of his teenage years in the Fort Worth area before returning to California to play college baseball. Making the wise choice to pursue music after college, Anthony went back to Fort Worth and has been turning heads ever since.

He’s played in front of some massive crowds recently with Pecos & the Rooftops, Kolby Cooper, and many more, including Randall King, who recently sang the kid’s praises on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast. Palmer Anthony is the real deal, so get on him before he blows up. It’s bound to happen.

Here are some of his best songs to get you started.

“Love Me Forever”

Whether it was intended to be this way or not, “Forever Gone” seems like it could be a direct response to “Love Me Forever,” one of my favorite songs off of Western & Roll.

If it is, then spoiler alert, she didn’t love him forever.

“Over, Under”

“Between You and Me”

You know what, just give the whole Western & Roll record a listen, Palmer Anthony can’t miss.

And while we’re at it, co-writer Tyler Halverson is doing some pretty great stuff out there too.

“Mac Miller”

“Beer Garden Baby”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock