Dude Flies Out Of His Car While Trying To Show Off His 1981 Camaro

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If you live in a small town in the southeast, then you’ve more than likely seen or attended at least one car show in your lifetime.

This may be a whole country thing, but my God, if you drive through my hometown in BFE South Carolina on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s like a plague.

You’ll be casually cruising through the busiest street in town, and next thing you know you drive past the parking lot of an old Bojangles restaurant and see 147 muscle cars parked, owned by a bunch of retired guys, or rednecks rocking Harley Davidson shirts and foot-long goatees who’ve poured their lives and life savings into their 1966 Plymouth Barracuda.

Needless to say, these muscle cars are the pride and joy of the people of Anderson, South Carolina.

With that being said, I can’t watch this video without picturing my hometown.

Here we have a guy showing off his partially restored ’81 Camaro to his buddies, and I can hear the “Hey y’all, watch this” conversation going on in my head right now.

As he struggles to make it out of the parking lot and onto the main road (where he nearly gets the front end of the car ripped off by a passing car), he then proceeds to attempt a powerslide in front of Cletus and the boys.

However, shit hits the fan quick, and as he attempts the move, he literally falls out of the driver’s seat and onto the road.

Sheesh, my guy. You spent a ton of money on that muffler but didn’t make sure the door was fixed, did ya?

According to The Drive, this ’81 Chevy Camaro was in the family for a long time and even the car that the drive came home in when he was a baby. He finally got it running again, and this was only his third drive when the door came flying open.

And believe it or not, he wasn’t hurt that bad, just a few bumps, scrapes and bruises.

The car on the other hand, had some damage to the door, rear quarter panel, front end and rear glass.

Back to the garage with it…

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