Woman Panics & Completely Forgets How To Walk When Sea Lion Starts Chasing Her On The Beach

Sea lion attack

I don’t care, this is just downright hilarious.

At first glance, a sea lion comes across as a cute animal, for sure. But, they are also a very dangerous animal, even when they are out of their element and on land. They can move long distances on land and for an animal that just sort of hops along with no feet, they don’t move as slow as you’d think.

They are carnivores, meat eaters, hunters of the sea. That means they can bite and they can do it well. You do not want to be the one who has to go to the hospital because you voluntarily got too close to a sea lion and got bitten.

But, this lady in South Africa decided all on her own that getting close was the right decision.

Boy, was she wrong.

As she bent down on a nice beach evening to take pictures of the sea lion lounging out on shore, it decided it did not like the attention.

The sea lion began to charge. Which alone is pretty hilarious, the just kind of flop their way across land as quick as they can… which compared to a human isn’t all that fast.

The woman realizes the situation and panics. She turns to run but ends up flat on her face with a mouthful of sand. All she really needed to do was walk away but the panic set in and she completely forgets how to use her legs.

Just as she gathers herself up, the sea lion reaches her and gets a good enough grip to send her spinning and falling down again. The lion then grabs ahold of her sweater and pulls at it as she fights to get away.

The woman gets up and makes it away the third time just fine.

You just have to laugh, I mean it’s a sea lion on land… this woman got chased down by a sea mammal with flippers. And as comical as the video is, it’s almost the perfect reminder why you need to remain calm.

It’s also a reminder of why we keep our distance when it comes to wild animals… especially if you’re to forget how to walk the second the animal takes a step towards you.

I’m glad she made it away, seeming safe and sound but damn… that’s embarassing.

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