Jason Aldean Recalls Tim McGraw Singing “Indian Outlaw” Into His Ear Monitors: “Trying To Hear My Band & All I Hear Is McGraw”

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You’re bound to get some good stories when old friends like Tracy Lawrence and Jason Aldean sit down together to talk, and a recent podcast episode of TL’s Road House proved that to be true.

The two remain so close in fact, that Tracy fondly recalled on the podcast, Jason had a “pin up poster” of him on his wall growing up, because he was so fond of Tracy’s music style:

“I tell everybody, yeah Jason had me on his wall. I had Farrah Fawcett, so…”

Jason interjected:

“You were the least attractive one on that wall!”

And it was all laughter and cutting up from there as the two exchanged stories from the road as well as the climb to success, the creative songwriting process, and pranks they’ve experienced on the road.

Tracy is known for his antics and tour pranks, and as Jason racked his brain thinking of some of his best, he recalled hearing that someone had put crickets on a tour bus once.

Tracy responded:

“I did it once.”

Tracy went on to share the story about how he filled Tracy Byrd’s bus with crickets: 

“Byrd didn’t speak to me for a long time after that. People say, ‘where’d you find crickets at?’ Bait shop.”

When Jason asked how you get them out, Tracy said:

“You don’t get rid of them. You spread a thousand crickets on a bus. He told me, it was summer, like July, he said they had to take it to a parking lot and turn it on and crank the heat wide open for about three days… they were down in the walls. He was so mad at me.

I put pigs in Kenny Chesney’s state room one time. I put chickens on stage, all that.”

I literally cannot imagine a tour bus full of crickets or a stage taken over by chickens, but the shenanigans seemed commonplace with Tracy around. And even though Jason couldn’t recall anything of the Tracy Lawrence-caliber, he did recall one funny prank pulled on him by fellow country singer, Tim McGraw:

“I remember McGraw one night was on stage. He came over to the last night of the tour and he comes over and gets the microphone where my ear monitor guy is, where he kind of talks to us in our ears.

And I’m trying to sing and all the sudden, I hear somebody like talking or singing a different song, or like something, and I’m like trying to hear my band and all I can hear is McGraw… like right in the middle of my show.”

Tracy asks:

“Is he singing like, ‘Don’t Take The Girl?’”

Jason replies:

“He’s singing like ‘Indian Outlaw’ and I’m singing ya know, ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ or whatever. And it’s just like, what in the hell is going on right now.”

“I look over and he’s laughing over there on the side stage. That was a pretty good one, cause you know it’s hard to come back. You’re just completely lost in the middle of the song at that point.”

This will really make you second guess any technical difficulty you’ve ever seen on stage and wonder if Tim McGraw was involved, but it is nice to see these guys cutting up and enjoying the touring experience.

A thousand crickets may not be fun for a couple of weeks, but it’s the kind of stuff memories are made of.

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