Wyoming Elk Hunter Accidentally Shoots Himself While Fending Off Grizzly Bear Attack

Wyoming Hunter

We’ve all had some bad days in our lifetime that will have us down in the dumps, but after hearing this story right here, it’ll give you a whole new perspective about bad days…

Because for this Wyoming hunter, he’s seen the worst of the worst.

According to NBC News, Lee Francis of Evanston was hunting with his son at Rock Creek in western Wyoming, just south of Grand Teton National Park.

However, Francis began to see his life flash before his eyes, when a grizzly bear began to attack him around 6 PM on Friday.

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that Francis:

“Was able to draw his handgun and fired several rounds, which caused the bear to disengage and flee; however, one of the rounds struck Lee in the lower leg.”

His quick thinking son then used a handheld satellite emergency notification device to call for help, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Travis Bingham.

A helicopter then came and located the two, and rushed Francis to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, where he was discharged yesterday afternoon.

His son used a device called a personal locater beacon, or satellite messenger, that sent location coordinates to the Texas-based International Emergency Respond Coordination Center, which is owned by the GPS company Garmin.

The son truly is the hero in this story, as he also provided first-aid to ease the bleeding from the gunshot wound, before he set out to meet rescuers near Water Dog Lake.

Francis was then taken by horseback to the rendezvous point, which was around 9:20 PM.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department are investigating the attack, and searching for the attacking bear.

I couldn’t imagine being in their shoes. Imagine getting attacked by a massive grizzly and trying to scare it away by firing some rounds, while also shooting yourself in the leg in the process?

Absolutely brutal.

Lucky for Lee, it seems like he’ll make a full recovery.

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