Alabama WR Jermaine Burton Appears To Hit Female Fan After Tennessee Game

Tennessee Alabama

This is a bad look.

Alabama lost a heartbreaker to Tennessee this past Saturday, losing by a score of 52-49 in thanks to a game-winning Tennessee field goal as time expired.

Of course, this was the first time Tennessee had beaten Bama since 2006, losing 15 straight games until Saturday, so you can imagine that Tennessee fans were losing their damn minds.

They stormed the field (which is a hefty fine in the SEC) and tore down the goal posts and threw them into the river, and they more than likely drank Knoxville out of alcohol Saturday night.

Who can blame ’em? After 15 long seasons, it was long overdue.

With that being said, you can imagine Alabama players were pissed after such a back and forth ballgame that resulted in them being on the losing end.

However, I don’t think anybody in America can condone this.

Video footage has surfaced of a girl running past Alabama wide receiver Jermaine Burton, and as she’s running past him, he appears to hit her across the head.

The girl looks back in confusion after the hit, and it looks pretty clear that he made contact with her in some way.

@emilyisaacs Jermaine Burton smacking me in the head while walking past him after their loss Saturday. 👍 #tennessee #alabama #fyp #ouch ♬ original sound – emilyisaacs

I can understand saying something in the heat of the moment, especially considering Alabama players aren’t used to fans storming the field on them.

However, you’ve got to be able to control your emotions better, and it DEFINITELY can’t result in you laying hands on a woman.

Outkick confirmed the woman in the video was Emily Isaacs, and she confirmed it to the outlet herself, but had no further comment.

Another video posted on Twitter shows Burton making contact with another Tennessee fan after the game.

@jojonosiwa_ Jermaine Burton was so mad he had to hit me after the loss😭 I was told he smacked a girl in the head after too #bamapack #tennessee #vols #dixielanddelight #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – JoJo

Alabama and the SEC has yet to comment on the matter.

Tennessee Trolls Alabama By Playing “Dixieland Delight” At Neyland Stadium


With a game winning field goal, the No. 6 University of Tennessee has secured an upset victory against Nick Saban and the No. 3 Alabama Crimson Tide.

Their first victory against the Crimson Tide since 2006, it’s absolute pandemonium at Neyland Stadium right now.

We saw Peyton Manning in the building, along with Knoxville-area natives Morgan Wallen, Kenny Chesney and Kelsea Ballerini, but let’s face it, everyone outside of the state of Alabama is wishing they were in Knoxville tonight.

Even Koe Wetzel…

Of course, going into the game, Tennessee fans couldn’t help but remind Alabama fans that Alabama’s 1983 hit “Dixieland Delight,” the official theme song of Alabama football, is actually written about the state of Tennessee.

Which it is…

And now that Chase McGrath’s knuckler of a field goal is through the uprights and Tennessee has won 52-49, Tennessee fans are letting Alabama HEAR it.

And to troll them even harder, Neyland Stadium is blasting it through the speakers as fans storm the field and the goal posts are coming down.

Gotta love it.

How about this crew?

Cue it up:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock