Travis Tritt Reunites With Young Buck His Wife Bottle-Raised A Couple Years Ago

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It’s pretty wild to see the difference in human interaction when a deer is raised almost like a house pet.

When raised in the wild, deer are typically incredibly skittish when it comes to human interaction, and it’s almost impossible to get near them. This is why hunting is so hard… duh.

However, when a deer is hand raised by humans, they’re basically like any other creature you’d take into your home, and can be quite friendly. Unfortunately, it’s not always good for the long-term future of the animal, as it can make them more susceptible to predators due to their friendly nature, or not quite learn to find food in the wild.

However if you need to save the life of a young fawn, you gotta do what you gotta do.

And that’s what happened to ’90s country legend Travis Tritt and his wife.

He posted the video to his social media of a male deer that he and his wife took in after he was orphaned as a fawn. Named Oakley, the young fawn was bottle-fed by Tritt’s wife and raised near the home until it was old enough to go out on its own.

And after years, Travis Tritt finally had a reunion with him last night, and it’s pretty priceless.

Tritt shared in the caption on Twitter:

“This is Oakley. He was an orphaned deer that my wife bottle raised as a baby. I had not seen him in years until he snuck up behind me as I was walking my property tonight.

He obviously remembered me and knew I wasn’t a threat. Nature is amazing!”

When someone called into question the young buck’s age, Tritt confirmed that it was about 2 years ago.

In the video, you can see Tritt petting Oakley as the deer licks his arm, and it’s pretty cool to see a pleasant interaction between a deer and human like this one.

I mean c’mon, typically if you ever attempt to hand feed a creature like this one, you’d probably end up getting gored or something.

Here’s a picture of Oakley as a fawn:

Tritt, a Georgia native, is a pretty avid outdoorsmen and you can often find him hunting deer, quail and more when he’s not on the road.

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