Cody Johnson Releases Personal New Music Video For “Human,” Shows Off Vulnerable Side Of Being Both A Country Singer And A Dad

Cody Johnson country music

We’re all just human beings, ain’t that right, CoJo?

Cody Johnson just released a music video for his current single at country radio, “Human,” which he previously noted was a bit of a risk, considering how much he would be putting himself out there going with this one in particular.

Written by Tony Lane and Travis Meadows, he admits that he’s merely mortal and has struggles everyday trying to get through life and figure it all out.

But he’s more than willing to take the chance and be as vulnerable as possible in front of the world, because it’s truly how he feels… and he’s built his entire career on being as authentic and honest as possible:

“I think that taking that chance of releasing ‘Human’ and saying, ‘Look, I’m gonna be vulnerable in front of the world’ [is the right one].

I’m man enough. I’m tough enough to say, ‘Look, this is how I feel.’”

The title track to his 2021 double album, it’s the second single from the record, following his massive, multi-week #1 hit “‘Til You Can’t.”

And for the video, he wanted it to accurately represent the biographical nature of the song:

“‘Human’ has been the most biographical song I feel like I’ve recorded so far. Having said that, this video is a very candid look into my life behind the scenes and the journey to strike a balance.

My favorite memory of the shoot was being on my horse, Booger, while filming in the river bottom.

He worked really well down there and gave us some great footage. There are few feelings better than that.”

In the video, you do see Cody’s horse as he shows off some of his rodeo talent, but you also see shots of his wife Brandi and their two daughters, Clara Mae and Cori, back home while he’s out on the road playing shows to sold-out crowds.

It’s a neat peak into the contrast between Cody the country music singer, Cody the cowboy, and Cody the dad and husband.

And I think we all can relate to the sentiment of wearing multiple hats and just trying to do the best we can every day to the people who are counting on us, which Cody noted is in important theme in this song:

We are all the same. We’ve gone through a lot in this country the last two years. We are all doing this together.

We all have struggles even though they are different.”

Now that’s a message I can get behind…

Make sure you check out the new music video, CoJo doesn’t miss:

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