Cody Johnson On Choosing Vulnerable Track “Human” As Next Single: “I’m Tough Enough To Say, ‘Look, This Is How I Feel'”

Cody Johnson Country Music

Cody Johnson is putting it all out there on his next single, “Human.”

The title track to his 2021 double album, it’s the second single from the record, following his massive, multi-week #1 hit “‘Til You Can’t.”

Written by Tony Lane and Travis Meadows, he admits that he’s merely mortal and has struggles everyday trying to get through life and figure it all out.

And he recently talked to Billboard about how he came to decide on “Human” as the next single, when there were so many good options on his aforementioned double album.

CoJo said that he’s willing to take the chance and be as vulnerable as possible in front of the world, because it’s truly how he feels… and he’s built his entire career on being as authentic and honest as possible:

“I think that taking that chance of releasing ‘Human’ and saying, ‘Look, I’m gonna be vulnerable in front of the world’ [is the right one].

I’m man enough. I’m tough enough to say, ‘Look, this is how I feel.’”

And even if most of the songs on mainstream country radio are less than great, that’s the kind of stuff that resonates with people. This song will be another standout from the Texas native, no doubt about it,

He also went on to say that he tries hard to keep himself as grounded as possible, and this song is the perfect reminder that, at the end of the day, no matter who you are or what you do, we’re all just trying to figure life out and do the best we can:

“The biggest job is keeping under control, making sure that you’re not gonna turn into ‘that person.’

The more fame and the more money… you watch people and you watch their careers, where they change and they turn into different people. And then you see their lives fall apart, their careers fall apart, and it’s like they were a detriment under themselves.

Keeping that at bay is really the job, and realizing that there are other things that are more important, I think, is the big takeaway.”

At the iHeart Music Festival in Austin a couple weekends back, Cody elaborated on the decision, noting that, though we may have different beliefs and life experiences, there are more than a few things we have in common:

We are all the same. We’ve gone through a lot in this country the last two years. We are all doing this together.

We all have struggles even though they are different.”

Now that’s a message I can get behind…

Though it will be a big change in terms of tempo and production from his previous #1, don’t be surprised if this one eventually makes its way to the top spot, too.

The song will impact this coming Monday, June 6th:

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