Wyoming Woman Suffers Multiple Puncture Wounds & Fractured Vertebra After Buck Gores Her In Driveway

Deer gore

Absolute chaos…

When you think of deer, most of the time they’re skittish and afraid of human interaction, so they generally run off in the opposite direction whenever they encounter a person.

However, there are times where deer aren’t afraid of humans at all, especially during the rut, and can fight back if they feel threatened in any way.

This also typically happens when a deer has become comfortable with human interactions, typically after a person continuously feeds one, and it begins to gain their trust.

With that being said, there’s no telling what made this deer willing to fight back and run off in the opposite direction, and the results were near deadly.

According to KSL 5, an Evanston, Wyoming woman was sent to the hospital after getting gored by a buck outside of her home.

Wanda Kaynor was outside of her home, getting ready to take her husband, Daniel, to an appointment.

That’s when they noticed the unwanted guest in their driveway.

Daniel told the outlet:

“There was this buck sitting there, just laying there.”

When their dog ran out of the house and towards the buck, the aggressive buck immediately went into attack mode:

“He went after him. Of course, the buck didn’t like that. So, he went after him with his antlers and shoved him underneath the car.”

Wanda decided to fight back in an effort to save the dog:

“She threw her hat at the thing, and of course, it came after her now”

The four-pointer fought back as well, goring Wanda, resulting in seven puncture wounds, and a crushed vertebra after the buck knocked her to the ground.

Daniel then walked outside and saw the horrific scene, and he did what he could to get the buck to leave:

“I grabbed him by the antlers, trying to pull him off.”

Daniel got punctured a well along his waistline.

Luckily, a UPS driver was nearby after delivering a package across the street, and he came over to help, putting Wanda in a car and a neighbor drove her to the hospital.

Daniel said:

“We just got instantaneously all of his help.”

He said that Wanda will be in the hospital for several days, and will most likely have to spend a couple weeks in rehab.

After the attack, the buck made his way to another front yard and hung out in the shade for a while. A relative notified Wyoming Fish and Game, and an officer came by and put the buck down.

Daniel said that he and his wife are traumatized by the incident, and understandably so:

“Having a buck stomp on you on the ground… I was pretty traumatized last night myself. Wild animals are wild animals.”

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