Justin Moore Releases Steamy New Duet With Priscilla Block, “You, Me, And Whiskey”

Cody Villalobos

Justin Moore just notched his eleventh #1 single with “With a Woman You Love.”

And he quite possibly may have dropped #12 today.

“You, Me, and Whiskey” is a steamy duet with up-and-comer Priscilla Block about rekindling the romance in a relationship every once in awhile, taking it back to a time when it was just “you, me and whiskey all night long.”

“It was you, me and whiskey all night long
Sinkin’ to the bottom of them country songs
Fire burnin’ hot ’til the last drop’s gone
Let’s turn it up, turn it up til we
Take that black label buzz too far
And say them things that stay in the dark
Ain’t nothin’ as sweet, ain’t nothin as strong
As you, me, and whiskey all night long”

Come ON with it.

Written by Jessi Alexander, Brock Berryhill and Cole Turner, Justin says that the title may seem like your typical hookup song, but as somebody who’s married with four kids it takes on a different meaning:

“You read ‘You, Me, and Whiskey,’ and you think spring break, hookup, whatever, but for me, as a guy who’s been married for 15 years with four beautiful children, it’s about making time for your romantic relationship.

Our children are priorities in our lives, but we also have to make ‘us’ a priority. That’s what the song represents to me but the best thing about Country music is that it can mean many things to many different people.” 

And Priscilla thinks it’s one that anyone can relate to:

“Anyone can relate to it because it’s about taking time to work on the things you really need to as a person and in your relationships.”

This is the second single from Justin’s upcoming album, and is also the first time he’s ever released a duet as a single to radio.

We don’t yet have a release date yet for the new album, but Justin has hinted that this new music is going to feature that same incredible sound that we’ve gotten from him on his last two albums, Late Nights and Longnecks and Straight Outta the Country.

But based on those albums and the first two singles from the new project, I think it’s safe to say that Justin is making some of the best music of his career right now.

And for somebody who’s been in country music as long as Justin has, and with as many hits as he’s had, that’s saying something.

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