Dress To Impress With These Country-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Rip Beth Halloween

Football is back, there’s a chill in the air, and the leaves are starting to change. While all of those happen to be some of my favorite things, there’s something else coming quickly that a lot of people absolutely love.


The day where it’s okay to gorge yourself on candy and scare little kids. Where you can let your hair down, or tie it up, or wear a wig. Whether you paint your face, show off your legs, or wear an inflatable ostrich costume like my roommate did senior year of college, one thing is for sure, the possibilities are endless.

But what if you still want to show some pride for your love of country?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Of course there’s the obvious ones… cowboy, lumberjack, farmer…

But here’s some of the best country-themed Halloween costumes.

Koe Wetzel

Okay, this one is obvious… Toss on some jorts, a crop top or unbuttoned baseball jersey, and white high top shoes and you’ll be ready to go.

This may be the look this year…

But if you go down this road, just remember the advice given by a wise person on Twitter a few years back…

Rip & Beth From Yellowstone

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a million times, even with how awesome the actual show Yellowstone is, the soundtrack may just be the best part.

Yet, in spite of a potential show-stealing soundtrack, Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton have managed to steal the hearts of just about every viewer.

Who can forget their iconic corral slow dance to Tyler Childers’ “Lady May”, or the equally epic dance to Whiskey Myers’ “Stone”? These two have both seen and done some things in their day and make the perfect couples costume for you and your significant other.

Lainey Wilson

Speaking of Yellowstone, how about throwing on the ole rhinestone bell-bottoms and being their newest cast member for a night?

Lainey Wilson’s name recognition is about to get quite the boost from the upcoming season where she stars as a musician named Abby. The season will also featured multiple songs from her upcoming album Bell Bottom County, which is slated to be released right before Halloween on October 28th.

Come on, who doesn’t want to pretend to pull off the frills and sparkle like she does?

Rodeo Clown

The clowns steal the show at just about every rodeo, not only sacrificing themselves to stop angry bulls from goring a downed rider, but they provide continuous entertainment in between event.

They’re severely underrated overall and maybe it’s high time we start giving them props in the best way we know how.

Pretending to be them while blacking out on some sugary orange drink.

Johnny Cash

Ahh, a classic.

The Man In Black is sure to be a recognizable hit at any party, but you’ll have to deal with everyone repeatedly singing “I hear the train a coming…”

A price you’re probably willing to pay to look this badass.

Morgan Wallen

This one will be pretty easy to pull off, you just have to commit to growing a mullet or find a halfway decent wig. Throw on a cutoff flannel, some jeans, start talking like you’re from East Tennessee and BOOM, Morgan Wallen in the flesh.

Theo Von

Okay, he’s not a country artist, but Theo Von is no stranger to rednecking it up and it’s impossible for me to type the word “mullet” without thinking of him.

He’s located in Nashville, and has had Morgan, Hardy and Parker McCollum on his podcast before, so he knows the genre pretty well.

Plus the man just has a look to him that’s begging to be made into a costume.

Garth Brooks

This is only for the most hardcore of Halloween participants.

Dressing up as an (alleged by Tom Segura) serial killer may be a bit to far for most, but for those wanting to push the envelope a bit, look no further than what is guaranteed to be the scariest costume at the scary costume contest.

I like that…

Dumb National Park Tourist

Once again, not directly related to country music, but come on, have we not seen a ridiculous amount of tourists doing ridiculously stupid things recently?

Like this guy approaching a buffalo, or this group doing the same thing, or this guy running up on a bighorn sheep, or this drunk guy bothering a cow elk, or… I think you get the point.

Maybe you turn this one into a group costume, with some friends as angry bears and bison, some as clueless tourists sporting the injuries of a good goring…

Could be a bit much, but hey, you want to stand out, don’t you?

Matthew McConaughey

Last but not least, we have the legendary Matthew McConaughey.

The man is a true fan of country music, calling Sturgill Simpson’s Metamodern Sounds In Country Music “one of the best album’s I’ve heard” while on the Justin Moore podcast.

Throw in the fact he’s a big football guy and the voice of the University of Texas, he’d be a great choice for Halloween.

The biggest decision would be which McConaughey would you choose?

Dazed and Confused, We Are Marshall, Mud, Failure To Launch, True Detective, I mean the number of iconic roles is too many to county.

Or maybe you can just go with cool McConaughey in a field sipping Wild Turkey or wild McConaughey on an ayahuasca trip somewhere in the jungle… Honestly can’t make a bad decision, so just choose one and go for it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock