Matthew McConaughey’s New Texas Football Hype Video Will Almost Have You Believing They Can Beat Alabama

matthew mcconaughey texas

Any avid college football fan knows that the Texas Longhorns will have to play the game of their lives if they want a chance to take down the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide.

Bama is currently a 20-point favorite this Saturday, even though the game is being played on the Longhorns’ home turf at DKR Texas Memorial Stadium.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Quinn Ewers is getting thrown into the fire early, playing in arguably the toughest game of his college career in only his second game as the starter, and considering Texas’s struggles last season, anybody with eyes see a blowout coming in the Longhorns’ direction.

Hell, even the local Austin meteorologist doesn’t have faith in the team, as he called for”

“A flash flood warning to go into effect at 11 AM on Saturday in Austin. A mix of longhorn sweat and tears…”

Tough scene.

However, if there’s ever a Texas alumni who knows how to rally the team together, and have them truly believe that they actually stand a chance tomorrow, it’s none other than Matthew McConaughey.

The team released a hype video narrated by everybody’s favorite UT professor, McConaughey himself, and it’ll have you ready to run through a brick wall and climb Mt. Everest barefoot.

I mean sheesh, when he says:

“Now, the question is, what will we do when the moment arrives? Well the moment, is here. Right here. Right now.”

It’ll give you chills…

I mean… it almost makes you think they have a chance… I said, “almost.”

We all know gonna be brutal when100,000 Longhorns fans show up to an absolute beat down of Biblical proportions, while also suffering from heat stroke in the 100 degree heat at the same time.

I guess we’ll see how inspired Ewers and the boys really are… maybe they can pick up some penalty yards.


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