Willie Nelson Pays Tribute To Family Of Uvalde, Texas Shooting Victim: “Remember, It’s Not Something You Ever Get Over, But It’s Something You Will Get Through”

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Jeremy Wallace

Willie Nelson is a national treasure.

We all know about the horrific day on May 24th of this year, when 21 innocent lives were taken in the tragic mass shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

The world mourned the loss of 19 young children and two teachers, and it’s certainly not something any of the families of the victims will ever get over.

And at a political rally for Beto O’Rourke’s campaign for governor over the weekend at Moontower Saloon in Austin, Texas, Willie Nelson was there in person to perform some songs and show his support for Beto.

And while on stage, he spotted the family members of Jackie Cazares, one of the young Uvalde victims, in the crowd, and took a moment to honor their daughter and pay tribute to the family.

According to the Houston Chronicle, he walked over to talk to her parents, sharing some very powerful words to try and encourage them in what has undoubtedly been a very hard and traumatic time in their lives, saying:

“Remember, it’s not something you ever get over, but it’s something you will get through.”

While all attendees were clearly at this event to show support for a specific political candidate, moments like these really cut through all of that and remind us that, at the end of the day, no matter who you vote for, we’re all just human beings.

What a moment from the living legend himself, Willie Nelson:

Jacklyn was one of the 4th graders murdered in Uvalde. She was 9 years old:

Her family said in a previous interview that she “had the biggest heart,” and that she was the “one that would go out of her way to help anyone.”

Her dad added:

“My little girl was full of life and touched so many people.

It gives me some comfort that she would be the little cracker that would have done something to help her classmates in that very scary scenario.”

Though of course, words always fall short in situations like what Jackie’s parents have experienced over the last several months, but I’m sure it meant a lot to them to hear that from Willie.

Willie recently lost his sister Bobbie, and had his own son Billy Nelson pass away after committing suicide in December of 1991.

Of losing his son, Willie told People that:

“I’ve never experienced anything so devastating in my life.”

The death of a child is an absolutely horrific thing for anyone relate to another parent about, but at the very least, it hopefully made Jackie’s parents feel a little less alone in that moment.

At the rally, Willie, along with his son Micah, also sang a few of his biggest hits for the crowd, like “Whiskey River” and “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.”

Here’s the live stream from the event, which includes Willie’s set:

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