Remember When This Longhorn Broke Free And Caused Mass Panic In Downtown Colorado Springs?

A person walking on a sidewalk next to a statue of a bull

Back in August of 2019, a longhorn brought a little taste of Pamplona, Spain to downtown Colorado Springs.

“Running of the bulls” when you’re not expecting it ends up looking pretty similar to the European tradition (also seen in France and Portugal), except this time the cow runs into an office building, piercing screams from moms permeate the air, and a couple cowboys have to come save the day before anyone gets injured.

Kerri Summey filmed the video and broke it down:

“I went outside for lunch during my workday and saw people setting up a corral downtown. I knew they were doing the cattle drive down our street for the rodeo.”

“Last year, I watched from the balcony at work, but this year I decided to stand on the street to get better video. I videoed the cows walking by, and was talking to some coworkers after when one of the cows got loose and was running around.”

“I ran into the foyer of my office to be safe and watch what was happening. The cow started running towards the building, and two women running from the cow ran inside. The cow was chasing them. It hit a horn on one of the doors, turned its head, and came into the foyer. Most people got out the other set of doors. As I went running out the doors away from the cow, a cowboy came riding in. He lassoed it, and it ran out the other set of glass doors.”

According to KKTV11, “the Ride for the Brand Ranch Rodeo has been taking place since 2003 and raises money for the WRCA Cowboy Crisis fund, helping to share the ranching world with the Colorado Springs community.”

Great cause, and a little chaos to get the blood pumping.

Colorado is majestic – you never know who will show up.

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