Oregon Man Smokes Wild Turkey With His Car, Springs Back To Life The Second It’s Pulled From Grill

Turkey car

This has got be one of the wildest things I’ve seen all week.

Wildlife never ceases to amaze with their resilience and ability to withstand incredible hardship.

Now birds, they really don’t seem like the most tough of all animals in the kingdom. However, time and time again they tend to prove me wrong.

Whether it’s a Grouse still live and well after getting rocked, a duck coming back to life HOURS after being shot or a small bird fighting off prey. Birds are a bit tougher then they seem.

This here proves just that.

The video starts with an older gentleman from Oregon pulling on what is clearly a bird’s wing that he has hit with his car As he gets into the sports stance and gives it a good pull, they whole grill of the vehicle flexes. At this point its hard to tell what kind of bird it is, but it is BIG.

Not one you want to hit that’s for sure.

The lady filming laughs at the situation.

“Well, I guess I didn’t have to use a gun”

Don’t speak to soon now…

The man literally pulls very hard three or four times and finally the bird comes out.

In no world would you imagine this thing would be in any sort of shape to be even close to alive after what it went through from this man pulling alone.

You’d be wrong…

As the man pops it out of the grill feathers go everywhere and the bird miraculously pops back into its original form. A turkey shows up minus a lot of feathers and takes off running full speed towards the woods.


That doesn’t make sense.

I mean, I’m sure he still had notable damage and may have even died in the woods but it’s impressive that it could put itself together and take off running after this man pulled on its wing as hard as he could and pulled out half its feathers.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock