Chapel Hart Deliver Stellar Performance Of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up”

Chapel Hart country music

Chapel Hart has really been killing it lately.

From getting to the finale of the most recent season of America’s Got Talent to debuting at the Grand Ole Opry, these ladies are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

If you haven’t heard their song “You Can Have Him Jolene,” do yourself a favor and fix that right now. It’s amazing.

But if you want to ease into this band with a song you already know (or just want to consume everything these women have ever put out), you gotta hear their cover of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up.”

Isbell’s song is just one of the best songs out there with it’s longing and desperation and big romance. It’s swoon-worthy but in a self-loathing way that just adds so much depth to it.

The song also gained quite a bit of popularity after Morgan Wallen covered it back in 2019 (and added it to his insanely popular double album).

But, man, does Chapel Hart just bring something a little extra to the song to make it their own.

One, they say this version is from the female perspective. Honestly, it doesn’t change the song that much, but it’s always fun to hear such familiar songs from different voices.

What I think makes this cover so special and just so satisfying to watch is where they’re singing. They’re circled around each other in front of an RV, sitting a plastic and metal folding chairs while the guitar player is sitting on the concrete.

One of them is barefoot. None of them are looking at the camera.

It all feels impromptu and relaxed.

One thing that I always have loved about “Cover Me Up” is that despite it being a self-loathing love song, there is just something so comfortable about it. The whole song is about reassuring your partner that they’re enough, no matter your issues.

The simplicity of this video and Chapel Hart’s effortless harmonies just add to the warm blanket after a brutal winter feeling this song evokes.

Listen to the cover, and when you’re absolutely blown away by these women, check out their album The Girls Are Back in Town.

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