Doofus Attempts To Feed Bison Near Entrance Of Yellowstone, Almost Gets His Face Smashed In

Yellowstone bison

And here we go again.

Yellowstone National Park moron part 50,678. I mean seriously, we should start handing out medals to these idiots.

With all of the incidents stemming from humans getting way too close to the wildlife, will these people ever learn? It’s like they haven’t been on the internet…

It feels like a broken record at this point, and it doesn’t matter how many warnings these national parks give out about staying at least 25 yards away from the wildlife (100 yards in some cases), it almost makes these people want to get closer, just to see if they might, ya know… die or not?

It’s a dangerous game these people are playing, and we have yet another example.

Although this one doesn’t happen exactly inside Yellowstone National Park, it occurred just 15 miles from the park’s east entrance in Cody, Wyoming at Blackwater Creek Ranch.

Here we have a doofus in a trendy hat like he’s going to brunch on Nashville, and what looks like two different shoes thinking up the great idea to feed a bison on the property.

Yeah, he must not have heard the stories about the week where three people were gored by a bison at Yellowstone…

Sure enough, the dude approaches the bison with some kinda food, and at first, the bison looks like it’s about to gladly take it.

However, shit hits the fan real quick, as the bison puts its head down and attempts to gore the man, nearly sending his fedora flying right off and knocking him up in the troposphere.

Luckily enough, there weren’t any injuries, but could’ve been way worse.

Lesson learned? Probably not…

Yellowstone Visitor Saves Small Child From Being Gored By A Charging Bison

Another avoidable tragedy is coming out of Yellowstone National Park this morning.

You may remember the horrible story of a 25-year-old woman who was fatally gored and thrown 10 feet in the air when she got to close to a bison earlier this month.

Now it seems a 34-year-old Colorado man barely escaped the same fate.

We showed you the wild video yesterday (watch here), and it’s just stupidity at its finest. But as it turns out, the man actually was injured from the incident and sent to a nearby hospital.

According to MSN, the man and his family were walking on a boardwalk near Giant Geyser on Monday when a bull perceived them as a threat and charged. While the first attempt missed, the family remained in the area (smart…) and eventually the bison charged again.

Two of the adults fled, leaving a helpless small child behind. A third man grabbed the kid from harm’s way (potentially saving the kid’s life), but took a horn to the arm in the process.

He was sent to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for care and treatment. No word is out on his condition yet.

Add this to the catastrophic flooding experienced in the region and it’s been quite the storm of bad luck in the park for a while now.

Listen, I get wanting to stay around and see as many awesome sights as you can, hell Yellowstone National Park has been on my bucket list for years, but if a freaking bison is getting even relatively near me, let alone my family, I’m getting the HELL out of there.

How many of these stories do we need to hear?

Stay away from the bison, people.

I can’t believe I have to type that out…


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