Jefferson White (Jimmy) Filled His Pockets With Chicken To Make A Bear Chase Him On The Set Of ‘Yellowstone’

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One of the things about film that have intrigued me the most, is when actors have to work with live animals.

And we’re not just talking about cute dogs and other pets, we’re talking bears, wolves, alligators, horses, snakes, etc.

When you’re working with live animals that could kill you in a split second, they have to be so incredibly well-trained to be featured in these shows and movies, it’s crazy.

That’s yet another intriguing thing about Yellowstone

Aside from the horses and cows the cast is working with on a daily basis, they work with actual bears and wolves too.

Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) and Jefferson White (Jimmy) sat down for an interview with People to discuss working with the wolves and bears.

Reilly admitted that she was a bit nervous working with wolves, but she was told over and over again by production that the wolves would be fine and wouldn’t harm her.

She said:

“I’m like, well, don’t you think their most inner instincts might come out when there’s a woman with a bottle of whiskey running up to them?

They were like, ‘Don’t worry, we’ve got these invisible pieces of cord, so if they do run at you, that will trip them up.’

Yeah… that’s really reassuring.

She continued:

“That’s not going to stop a wolf, let alone his 12 mates. But, we went for it and it was pretty terrifying I have to say. I’m in the middle of Montana and I’m running directly at a bunch of wolves.

I’m really brave.”

The interview then transitioned to Jefferson White, who actually had to deal with a bear chasing him up a tree in a scene.

“We shot it in like late November, so it was hibernation season. So this bear was like the laziest bear you’ve ever met. They kept trying to antagonize the bear to get it to chase me.”

After many attempts, the bear would simply not budge, so they had to get a little creative.

“What they ended up doing was stuffing my pockets full of chicken. So every pocket on my body was stuffed full of a shredded chicken to try to get the bear to chase me.”

Yeah, I don’t care if that bear is lazy or not…

You bet your ass I’d be shaking in my boots if the goal of the scene is to “get a bear to chase me.”

Gonna be a no from me dawg…

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