Downed New Mexico Bull Elk Rolls Downhill Towards Cameraman In Heart Pounding Video


Well this nearly turned catastrophic.

Shawn Luchtel, who hosts the hunting show Heartland Bowhunter, nearly saw his and his cameraman’s life flash before their eyes while bowhunting in New Mexico, according to Outdoor Life.

In the video, he bags a massive bull at close range. Although it was time for celebration, things almost took a turn for the worst when the elk hit the ground, and began rolling straight towards him and his cameraman.

You can hear him frantically say to the cameraman:

“Chandler, get up! Get up! Get up!”

They were filming an upcoming episode of Heartland Bowhunter, hunting with Hunters New Mexico, an outfitter out of Albuquerque.

At the beginning of the video, you can see Luchtel get off a clean shot, as the bull trots off in the other direction.

However, it hit the ground hard and began to descend towards the two until luckily coming to rest between two trees.

Luchtel paced off the distance and was roughly eight steps from where the bull came to rest, so needless to say, it was too close for comfort.

Luchtel told the outlet that it was the second time he had drawn a bull tag in that unit, with the last one happening a few years back. They had been hunting with the same outfitter in New Mexico for about a week, but this was his first real shot opportunity.

He recalled the wild instance:

“That morning was the very first day of the hunt, and it was action-packed. We called in a couple smaller bulls and passed on them, and our plan was to hunt a waterhole nearby.”

They had seen a number of good bulls coming to the water in the early afternoon after checking the trail cameras, so they decided to move to a different waterhole around 2 PM.

After five hours of waiting, a small bull approached and began drinking the water, before getting spooked and took off.

Shortly after, the bigger bull showed up, and the two took off down the hill, right towards their location. That’s when he drew:

“This bull comes flying out of the brush, cuts off the small bull, and that’s when I was at full draw. I was trying to stop him, but he had no idea we were there. He just happened to stop right in my window and bugle from 13 yards.

I ended up making a great shot. He trotted 10 about yards, stopped, looked around, fell over and rolled right down to us basically.”

Check it out:

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