Dallas Cowboys Fans Throw Trash At Dak Prescott As He Exited The Stadium After Brutal Performance Against Tampa Bay

Dak Prescott

It looks like it’s gonna be another brutal year in Cowboys country.

Last night, the Dallas Cowboys put on a horrific display of football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, particularly offensively.

The Cowboys offense was only able to amass three points, and quarterback Dak Prescott looked completely out of sync with his wide receivers, losing the game 19-3.

Tom Brady didn’t even have to do anything really besides hand the ball off to running back Leonard Fournette, because after the ‘Boys’ first drive, they never crossed mid field again, and the game felt like it was over after the first half, even though the score was only 12-3.

Needless to say, the Cowboys fans were fed up with the awful display of offense on the field, and as a Cowboys fan myself, I can sympathize with the frustration.

The organization let go of two of their top three receivers last year in Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson due to free agency and made no moves to get anybody else, and their starting left tackle got injured on the first drive of the game.

CeeDee Lamb, the new #1, dropped an important ball on 3rd down, and didn’t do much else the rest of the game.

The boo birds were out in full force, as it looks like the Cowboys have a brutal season ahead of them.

Needless to say, Prescott was throwing to a bunch of practice team wide receivers, and was running around for his life because the backup left tackle was getting smoked every single play, which ultimately resulted in a brutal thumb injury that will require surgery after he hit his throwing hand on a Bucs’ defender, sidelining Prescott for five weeks.

As Prescott was running to the locker room, you could see a number of Cowboys fans throwing stuff at him as he exited the field with the trainers.

Although I can sympathize with Cowboys fans frustration, I can’t commend Cowboys fans doing this to ol’ Dak.

The guy is throwing to a bunch of wide receivers that have never played in NFL games before, aside from CeeDee Lamb, and the dude had pressure in his face all night long.

However, expect to see more of this as the season rolls on.

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