South African Nyala Bull Fends Off Attacking Wild Dogs & A Hippo… Gets Eaten Alive By Crocodile


So close…

Life is hard for animals… battling predators, weather, food scarcity, environmental changes, disease, hunters, traffic… I mean, just imagine all the ways a deer in North American can die?

And in Africa, it seems to be even harder…

Video footage has gone viral of a Nyala (an African species of antelope) bull (male) at Kruger National Park, South Africa, fighting for its life in the most chaotic fashion imaginable.

You can see from the get go that the bull is already injured, as it favors its back leg which is wounded, and has a difficult time moving.

The footage kicks off with a couple of wild dogs barking at the bull, whose only protection is the water.

However, things nearly get nasty quick when a massive hippo leaps from the water, and tries to get a piece of the bull. Nevertheless, the bull was able to evade the attack and the hippo retreats.

You can hear the people filming yell:

“Wow, look at that hippo. Oh my god.”

The dogs stick around, though, and a number of others join the two that were initially trying to get ahold of the bull.

The whole time, you can see the hippo lurking in the background, barely peaking its head above the water.

One of the dogs even makes an effort to get closer to the bull, but it is willing to fight back in order to stay alive. Fending off the advances of the wild dogs, as well as the hippos that are lurking nearby, the bull might just make it out of this thing alive.


A crocodile comes from nowhere beneath the water, and grabs hold of the bull as it frantically wails and scrambles to break free.

Although the bull ended up being outmatched by a number of predators, it’s pretty impressive that it was able to hang in there as long as it did.

Nature man, it’s brutal.

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