Tourist Face Plants Into Concrete While Running Away From Bull Elk At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone elk

Part 47,667 of Yellowstone National Park bozos never ceasing to amaze me.

It truly is alarming how many freak shows of people have tried to get near arms length from pretty dangerous creatures at the park.

We’ve seen it happen with bison, elk, bighorn sheep, and hell, just about any creature that isn’t afraid to hold their ground when they feel threatened in one way or another.

I keep finding myself going back to the week back in June where there were three separate incidents of tourists getting gored by bison at Yellowstone, but what’s truly alarming is the number of tourists that are still trying to get bold, even with the risk of either getting sent to the hospital or dying.

This latest example comes from the Mammoth Hot Springs at Yellowstone.

In the video, you can see the massive male elk full on sprint towards a tourist, sending him to the ground while he was trying to run away.

It’s impossible to tell if the tourist was gesturing towards the elk, or simply minding his own business but got charged by the elk, considering it’s the elk rut and the creatures tend to get more ornery during this time of year.

Nevertheless, nobody got injured, and it’s pretty damn funny to watch the dude face plant into the cement as he nearly sees his life flash before his eyes.

You can imagine the elk felt pretty threatened as well, considering there were a number of cars stopped right in front of it to catch a good look at the creature.

Check it out:

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