Parker McCollum Performs Unreleased Fan Favorite, “Stoned,” On ‘Austin City Limits’… Does This Mean It’ll Be On The Next Album?

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Parker McCollum reached yet another milestone in his career last night, as he played the taping for Austin City Limits for the first time ever.

It’s been a long time coming, especially after he had to cancel the first two tapings due to a broken finger and sickness.

From playing tiny bars in front of a few people, to selling out shows and garnering a rabid fanbase in Texas, to signing with Universal Music Group and becoming a household name across the nation, it’s been impressive to see his career spike in only a few short years.

During his Austin City Limits debut last night, he played hit songs like his new single “Handle On You,” “Young Man’s Blues,” “Love You Like That,” and “Like a Cowboy” from his 2020 Hollywood Gold EP, “Wait Outside,” “Rest of My Life,” “Fallin’ Apart,” “Drinkin’,” “Why Indiana,” “Pretty Heart,” and “To Be Loved By You” from last year’s Gold Chain Cowboy album, “Meet You in the Middle” and “Happy New Year” from his OG 2015 The Limestone Kid debut album, and “Hell of a Year” from his 2017 album Probably Wrong.

It was pretty cool to see the ol’ Limestone Kid perform a variety of his hits from each album and EP he’s released thus far, never forgetting the songs that made him.

However, there was one song in particular that he played during the set that may be very telling about what’s to come with the new album he has in the works…

There’s been a song that’s surfaced all over YouTube by McCollum for the past year, titled “Stoned.”

I’ll admit, when I heard it, I instantly thought to myself that this could be one of his greats, and it has quickly become an unreleased fan favorite, leaving everybody wondering how in the hell it didn’t make the cut on Gold Chain Cowboy.

It has some gorgeous harmonica work, and lyrics that cut so deep that it’ll put you right in your feelings, whether you smoke the devil’s lettuce or not.

Well, he performed the song last night, and to my knowledge it’s the first time he’s played it live.

You have to think that by playing the song on Austin City Limits means that “Stoned” will inevitably show up on the next album?

Hopefully ol’ Parker isn’t toying with us, but fingers crossed.

The actual performance will air on October 29th.

And if you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor:

Parker McCollum recently returned to the podcast to talk about opening for Eric Church, meeting King George, John Mayer’s influence on his music, his move from being an independent artist in Texas to signing with a major label in Nashville, Zach Bryan’s rise to country music stardom, working out with Cam Hanes, spicing up his live show, writing sad songs, recording a song with Ronnie Dunn for his forthcoming album, 100 Proof Neon, and more.

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