Six Unreleased Tyler Childers Songs That Could Make The Next Album

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Gotta admit, I’m JACKED for a new Tyler Childers record.

Maybe a little too jacked…

Ol’ Timmy Tyler got the country music community fired up yesterday with a short teaser that seems to imply new music is on the way soon. His first Instagram post in almost two years, it seemingly picks up where his “All Your’n” music video left off.

Our main character wakes up in the woods, after that Alice In Wonderland type of trip, and it seems as though he may have seen the light?

All we really know is that Tyler Childers has been performing a handful of new songs lately, and it sure seems like a release is on the horizon.

We also know that a handful of the new ones have a bit of a Gospel flavor to them.

An ever-present theme in his songwriting has always been notions of God, faith, religion and spirituality. Like many in Appalachia, Tyler is no stranger to growing around the church, and it’s reflected in his music.

I mean, his first two albums are literally titled, Bottles and Bibles and Purgatory. And a number of his past songs either nod to Christianity, or have a spiritual feel to it, with songs like “Hard Times,” “Bottles and Bibles,” “Born Again,” “Purgatory,” “The Gospel (According to Fishermen),” “Universal Sound,” and “Follow You To Virgie,” just to name a few.

But with some of the new stuff he’s been playing, could we be seeing a Tyler Childers Gospel record on the horizon?

Here’s six unreleased tunes that have been on the setlist lately, some of which we might get to hear really soon.

“Triune God”

An old fashioned boot stomper of a Southern tent revival song… you could play this one at the Sunday service.

“Luke Chapter 2 Verses 8-10”

Dubbed his “first Christmas song” this new one with the working title “Luke Chapter 2 Verses 8-10” ponders what it would’ve been like when the angels appeared to the shepherds on the day Jesus was born.

I’m diggin’ this new one too… it’s about big asses..

“Percheron Mules”

“Phone Calls & Emails”

“Rusting In The Rain”

This one is an old one, but he’s been working it into quite a lot of his sets this year. It’s also a bit Gospel-adjacent.

“Take My Hounds To Heaven”


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