Whole Family Of Tourists Approaches Feeding Grizzly Bear In Grand Teton National Park

Bear grand teton

Oh, lawd.

Someone tell these people this is the worst decision they have ever made. I mean, you have to question how these folks were even allowed to have children given they are willing to walk them up to a mature grizzly bear that is clearly hungry.

Grizzlies are the most notorious killer of North America. Feared by many and afraid of nothing. They are huge and built to fight. They can weigh north of 700-pounds and have paws on them big then our heads with claws that would shred us like paper.

Their whole life is centered around getting food while using the least amount of energy as they can. They eat up to 30-pounds a day but often hunt things that will feed them for multiple days. They are a smart animal that thinks ahead.

Needless to say, don’t go walking up to one…

Although its not common for them to attack humans randomly, they are known to do it when frightened or threatened… like… protecting a kill.

This fella that it was a great idea to get a video of a grizzly feeding in a meadow in Grand Teton National Park. He is taking a video as he approaches the grizz who is pretending they aren’t there.

Now, why would anyone think it’s a good idea to approach a killer of an animal that is eating? It just seems silly to me.

Nothing seems to happen in the video but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t the stupidest thing I’ve seen today.

Be smart and for the love of god don’t put your family at risk just to get a video or picture of these animals.

Maybe just get a better camera if you want to play nature photographer…

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