Baker Mayfield Has One Message Before He Plays His Former Team, The Cleveland Browns: “I’m Gonna F*ck Them Up”

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It’s no secret that Baker Mayfield had a score to settle heading into the Carolina Panthers’ training camp, especially after he got replaced in Cleveland by a quarterback that was still in the midst of 24 sexual assault allegations in Deshaun Watson, and is now having to sit out the first 11 games of the season due to suspension.

Yeah… I’d be pretty heated too.

Needless to say, Mayfield probably feels like he was done dirty by the Cleveland Browns organization, as he gave the team and city his all for the past four years, even playing the majority of last season with a torn labrum.

So, you already know the guy is going into this upcoming season in Carolina with a chip on his shoulder, ready to prove that he’s a top level quarterback in the NFL.

And I don’t wanna be that cliché guy, but the man’s been doubted his whole life, after having practically zero big time offers coming out of high school and having to walk on and win the starting job at Texas Tech, and then transferring to Oklahoma and doing the same there, where he won a Heisman trophy in 2017.

Mayfield has done exceptionally well at Panthers’ training camp, and won the starting quarterback job over Sam Darnold and PJ Walker.

And you know who he’ll be going up against in week one?

No other than his old team, the Cleveland Browns.

This has quickly become the most anticipated first game of the year, and Mayfield wanted to send out a message loud and clear when he was asked about playing his former team…

According to Buffalo Bills sideline reporter Cynthia Frelund, she talked to Baker after the Bills’ preseason game against Carolina, and asked him about playing his old team.

And she recited what he said on the Around The NFL podcast:

“I walked up to him and said, ‘I’m so excited to see you, like, go kick some butt,’ I didn’t say that  word. ‘Go kick some butt, especially Week One, I like cannot wait.’

And he uses some expletives and I was like, ‘I just hope you’re like ready.’ He was like, ‘I’m gonna f*ck them up.'”

Ohhhhh shoot.

Baker is seeing red.

I’m putting all my money on Mayfield to throw for over 300 yards and 3+ touchdowns on September 11th.

However, the comment upset

According to Outkick, Jason Lloyd, who covers Cleveland sports for The Athletic, called out Cynthia Frelund for sharing that.

Wonder if he’d have that same take if he didn’t cover sports in Cleveland?

Nevertheless, she responded:

Hey, I’m here for the fireworks…

We’ll see next Sunday…

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