Joe Dirt Himself Weighs In On The USA Mullet Championship Finalists

David Spade, David Spade et al. are posing for a picture

Business in the front, party in the back.

It’s the final day of voting for the 2022 USA Mullet Championship, and things are getting heated. So much so that mullet man himself, Mr. Joe Dirt has decided to weigh in.

If anyone knows a mullet… it’s David Spade, the man behind the infamous Joe Dirt. In the film, Joe reveals that as a baby he had a mullet wig installed because the top of his skull had never formed.

David Spade’s comments are pretty hilarious:

“Rustin… this cute little goat roper… I like the poofy hair. I like how he’s holding a little fish or a drum stick… blank stare.

Pretty studly.”

A few commenters were quick to point out that Rustin is not holding a drumstick, but a ratchet. C’mon now Joe…

Extra points to Rustin for working on the rig.

“Landry… Flag carved in, ah I don’t know if that’s legal… but you know what, this little mug shots good. Lotta frecks, good smile.”

“Billy Dew! This Tank. Oh he means biz dude oh he’s hittin dingers.

Look at how huge those shades are…Terminator!” 

Watch out, Arnold… where William loses points on Flag design, his side bangs make for up in spades.

“Epic… different shades, nice, interesting. Hawaii shirt… I don’t know if I’d go with that… all winners to me though.”

Epic is currently at number 1 in the poles, and I’m not gonna lie… I agree with the voters here. Epic’s mullet is… well, pretty dang epic.

Here are some of my other personal favorites:

According to legend, at age 8, Joe Dirt was left behind by his parents and sister at the Grand Canyon and so he does not know his real surname.

And speaking of surnames, check out some of the names of these mullet contestants… as if the mullets aren’t already badass enough!

Dayson Sinkhorn, and Epic Orta could be future deep sea cowboys; Levi Womack and Jameson Redd sound like the stage names of some future country music stars, and William Dale Ramsey just may be future NASCAR royalty.

Watch Joe himself here:


Ok I’m chiming in on these little Joe Dirts. I see a lot of promise here. #usamulletchampionships #mullet #kentuckywaterfall

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