Young Fan Writes Heartfelt Letter To Parker McCollum: “Keep Going, Texas Is Proud Of You”

parker McCollum country music

It’s no secret that Parker McCollum has become a household name in the mainstream country music world over the past couple of years.

From playing in front of a few people at bars, to growing a rabid fan base in the state of Texas, and then becoming a hit in the mainstream country music scene after signing a big time label with Universal Music Group, it’s been wild watching his journey since his 2015 debut album The Limestone Kid.

Parker McCollum is a nationwide known name in country music, and there’s no doubt he’s had an impact on some wide eyed kid dreamers that have ambitions to play on the big stage one day.

Take this kid for instance, Reid McNealy.

The kid wrote a heartwarming letter to Parker about how much of an inspiration he is to him, and it’ll make you a little misty eyed on a Monday.

McNealy wrote:

“Hey P-

It’s Reid from Fort Worth! I know, I can’t believe I’m in NM (New Mexico) either! Congrats on ‘Handle on You!’ It’s really great and they have been playing it on 95.9!

I got to meet Randy Rogers at Billy Bob’s a few weeks ago (Thanks to my cousin Robbie Gallagher the GOAT!)

I told RR I am your biggest fan! Everyone on the bus thought that was cool!

Tell Alex, Brady, Jonn, Jason, Charlie and your bro Tyler they all ROCK! Tell Lane he is cool! But what does he do?

Tell Hallie Ray she is cool for reposting my IG story! Thank you Hallie!!!

Keep going! Texas is proud of you

-Reid McNeally”

Talk about a cool moment.

McCollum has had quite the 2022 already, releasing his latest single “Handle on You,” and announcing his Austin City Limits debut with Robert Earl Keen on October 29th.

Now, we’ll just have to wait on that new album he has in the works.

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