Dirt Bike Rider Collides With A Young Black Bear Trail Riding In Idaho

A motorcycle on a dirt road

We’ve all been driving late at night, probably going a little over the speed limit, because you’re just ready to get home and curl up in bed and call it a night after a long day.

Then, all of a sudden three, four, or maybe more deer come running out in front of you out of nowhere, and for some unlucky drivers, end up colliding with one, resulting in a brutally steep bill at the mechanic or body shop.

With that being said, think of that kind of unfortunate incident, except on a dirt bike…

And in the middle of the day.

In this video, it appears that the guy is just driving his dirt bike through a mountain trail, just trying to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Then, out comes a young black bear charging through the brush and speeds across the trail.

Unfortunately for both the bear and the dirt bike driver, the bear times up his run perfectly and collided with the guy on the dirt bike, sending the dude flying off, and roughly landing on the rugged terrain.

Once he finally got his wits about him and collects himself, you can hear him say:

Holy shit. I just hit a bear!”

But the crazy part, the dude was ready to draw his gun before he hit the ground, ready to defend himself in case mama bear was lurking around and ready to start ripping heads off. Not this dude’s first rodeo…

Rider Logan Slone detailed the wild encounter:

“What started as a simple evening ride to search for my jacket from the previous day turned into quite a story after an adolescent black bear ran into the trail, smashing right into my front tire, washing out my bike and throwing me over the handlebars.

Due to the small size of the bear, I immediately became concerned that I would be facing an angry momma bear charging at me while my left leg was pinned under the bike.

Situational awareness and being prepared are key components of traveling out into the wilderness by yourself. Grateful that neither myself nor the bear were injured in this encounter, and stoked that I actually had my GoPro on for once.

If I ever have a video go viral this has got to be it.”

We’ll see what we can do Logan…

But what are the odds of this? That bear could not have timed it up more perfectly. Hopefully it wasn’t hurt too badly, and it appears the driver of the dirt bike was fine, although a little shaken up.

Check it out:

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