Utah Man Sets Idaho State Record With MONSTER Sturgeon

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Holy water dinosaur, batman…

Sturgeon, along with being the largest freshwater fish in America, have to have originated from another planet and I will accept no answers to the contrary.

Seriously, these things are freaky big, as most recently witnessed by a Utah man fishing a reservoir in southwest Idaho.

On August 5th, Greg Poulsen of Eagle Mountain, Utah brought in the largest sturgeon the state has ever seen, measuring 10 feet, 4 inches long. It topped the previous state record, set in 2019 by Rusty Peterson and friends, by 4.5 inches.

He was fishing in C.J. Strike Reservoir in Owyhee and Elmore counties, which is an impoundment of the Snake River.

The reservoir was also the place of another state record set just a few weeks back when Paul Newman reeled in a 42.5-inch Blue Catfish. It was originally identified as a Channel Catfish but was corrected to be Idaho’s first ever record put on the book for a Blue.

Back to the sturgeon at hand…

Just one look at that thing and you’ll see what I’m saying about from another planet. You’re telling me that monster came from the same water as those sunfish and bass? Get outta here with that nonsense, an alien species dropped them off here to see what would happen, I just know it.

Congratulations to Mr. Poulsen on the record. Can’t imagine that was an easy one to reel in, so enjoy a few cold one and bask in the glory.

Alexa, play that country song Post Malone sang so well.

Idaho Man Catches Massive Sturgeon In Small Creek With GoPro Attached

Man, I love sturgeon.

How can fisherman not be intrigued with them though? They grow huge, put up a great fight, and have a look like no other.

Most of the time you see sturgeon, especially large ones fished is massive bodies of water like the Fraser River in B.C., Canada. This is a unique video showing a fella fishing sturgeon like I’ve never seen before.

He’s using the old spot and cast method but he’s on a mission to find a monster in this Idaho creek. He spots one right away but continues on down the small channel to find a bigger one not falling to its temptations.

His patience pays off as floats over three monster sturgeon and decides to set up and fish. He hooks in a giant that is jumping out of the water. You would never guess that fish this large are in this small waterway.

The man fights the fish all over the place eventually getting it to shore and up on the weeds. He estimates it at 7.5-feet long. An absolute giant.

He realizes it and goes back up to find some more fish. This time he sets his GoPro up perfect on his line and gets some pretty incredible footage of a sturgeon taking his bait underwater.

Now, if you’re willing to risk losing a GoPro, this is a fish that its worth doing it for. Watch the big ol’ prehistoric beast coming up is a sight to see.

He lands another sturgeon, for what I would call a pretty amazing day of fishing.

Came with some pretty good shots too.

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