Morgan Wade’s Gritty Vocals Shine On ‘Acoustic Sessions’ EP, Featuring Three Brand New Songs

Morgan Wade country music

Morgan Wade’s new Acoustic Sessions EP is everything I hope it would be and more.

First of all, to state what is extremely obvious, that girl can SING like nobody’s business.

I mean, she has one of my favorite voices in all of country music right now, and it absolutely shines with a simple, acoustic backing like she delivered on this new project.

She noted that fans constantly say how much they love hearing the songs stripped all the way back, so she figured it was time to deliver it in a more formal project:

“The one thing that seemed pretty consistent is people like hearing these songs stripped all the way back.

They say they love the records, but when we take it to just a guitar or a couple instruments, you can see the energy in the audiences. When people come up, they ask… and we’ve spent so much time on the road, I know it’s not just one or two places.

I got into this to share the music with people who wanted to hear it, who found something they need. So, I figured: why not? It’s a simple thing to do for everyone who’s come out, who’s asked.”

The five-song tracklist features two songs from her debut studio album Reckless in “Wilder Days” and “Last Cigarette,” as well as three brand new ones called “Crossing State Lines,” “Kelly’s Drive” and “Flower.”

Of course, she always writes with such unabashed honesty in every verse, and her ability to be so candid about her true life experiences is a large reason why people have connected so authentically with the rising star:

“You can’t deny the things that happen or that you see. That’ll pull you down. Life isn’t always like that.

But for the person in the middle of whatever struggle, to hear a song that says it sees you, knows what you’re going through, that’s a lifeline. To have something help you through? It’s the best thing ever.

So, before we get to work on what comes next, this is for everyone, for anyone, who’s ever found any help in my songs.”

She shared a post on Instagram about the new EP as well, saying that she wanted this to be a “thank you” to all of her fans for sticking with her on this musical journey.

She also added that she’s in the midst of working on some more new music, which is always great to hear:

And in terms of the new songs she presented here, I can easily see any one of the three becoming fast fan-favorites.

“Crossing State Lines” finds her trying to get over a guy who “never wanted me,” as she comes to terms with the fact that what she thought would be Heaven really feels a lot like Hell:

“Flower” is about the loss of a loved one and how, though she’d love to put a flower on their grave like you’re supposed to, it’s pointless because it would “probably just blow away.”

What she really wants is for them to know how she’s doing these days and to have one last conversation together, because they were one of the only people who she felt truly loved her unconditionally:

The last new one, “Kelley’s Drive,” also deals with loss and is an absolute stunner. If you want to hear Morgan at her absolute best, her vocals on this one are killer:

Of coures, I’m so excited to have her current single and the fan-favorite “Wilder Days” on a studio recording so I can blast it at max volume in the car whenever I want:

And lastly, the sultry “Last Cigarette” is superb, though I’d never expect anything less from Morgan:

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