The Five Most Underrated Whiskey Myers Songs, According To The Fans

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I’m gonna be honest, you’d really have to twist my arm for me to settle on just one song I felt was the most underrated from the guys of Whiskey Myers.

But luckily, I don’t have to, because we posed the question to all of you, our loyal Whiskey Riffers, yesterday over on Twitter, and got a huge response from many different fans of the independent, Texas-based Southern rock outfit.

So instead of trying to pick one myself, I decided to present the cold hard facts and comb through all of the responses so we can (maybe) settle on what are, in fact, the top five most underrated Whiskey Myers songs.

And if you wanna go look through the answers yourself and get a feel for all the different options, click on the tweet here and have at it:

“The most underrated Whiskey Myers song is __________.”

Defining anything as “underrated” can be a slippery slope, and mostly depends on whatever parameters you set in terms of criteria.

Of course, to loyal fans, “Stone” is one of, if not the most popular Whiskey Myers songs, but to your average mainstream country fan who’s never heard of it (unfortunately), it would be the most underrated country song of all time by comparison, right?

But, I digress…

In no real particular order, and based on no science aside from me reading through the comments and tallying up the answers, here are the five most underrated Whiskey Myers songs as decided by the fans:

“Trailer We Call Home”

The overwhelming response to this question was by far “Trailer We Call Home,” and I can’t say that I’m one bit surprised.

Co-written by frontman Cody Cannon and Darrell Scott and included on Whiskey Myers’ stellar 2016 Mud album, “Trailer” tells the simple story of a blue collar couple who works hard for what they have and does the best they can to maintain a relationship. It’s as pure and honest a country song as I’ve ever heard.

It’s always been one of my favorite’s, too, and Cody’s acoustic version is out of this world:

“Bury My Bones”

“Bury My Bones” had a huge response, too, and I’ve always been partial to it for the gritty, almost Southern gothic sound that frames the incredible vocals Cody laid down on this tune.

From their 2019 self-produced Whiskey Myers album, the song was co-written by guitarist John Jeffers and TJ McFarland and performed by Cody.

The track really has it all, in terms of the production and searing lyrics, and the opening lines will cut straight to your soul:

“If I die young, write my mother
Tell her that I love her but my soul’s gone home
And take my vessel to Anderson County
Drive real slow and take the long way home
Tell my kin to pick up a shovel
Wrestle that sugar sand and bury my bones
Won’t you bury my bones beneath these pines
When it comes time for you to bury my bones”

I get chills every time I hear that verse…

The music video is a beautiful tribute to all the men in women in our military who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom here at home, as well:

“Lonely East Texas Nights”

This one was actually released as a single in the early years of the band back in 2008, and included on their Road of Life album.

It’s remained a fan-favorite to this day, and if you aren’t overly familiar with their music and deep cuts from back in the day, this is a great place to start:


From their 2014 third studio album Early Morning Shakes, “Reckoning” is a solo write by Cody Cannon, which are always fantastic.

He details the fallout from a hard breakup, and how he can’t even “sleep in our bed no more,” as he realizes he’s just avoiding the reckoning that he’ll eventually have to face with the end of this relationship.

Some of their more popular ballads, like “Broken Window Serenade” and “Stone,” get a ton of credit in their deep catalog of music (and rightfully so), but “Reckoning” is certainly one of their best, too:

“Strange Dreams”

A rockin’ tune full of some awesome electric guitar, “Strange Dreams” comes from their timeless 2011 Firewater record, and is another solo-write by Cody.

This one will get you pumped up if you need a little extra pep in your step:

Y’all always come through with great responses for us, and if you want a few more options to dig into, there were quite a few votes for “Colloquy,” “Summer 2005,” “Bad Weather,” “California to Caroline” and “Dogwood,” as the most underrated, as well.

The guys of Whiskey Myers just released their sixth studio album Tornillo a few weeks ago, and it’ll be interesting to see which one of the songs on that tracklist become “underrated” as time goes on, too.

Though I don’t foresee “Heart of Stone” being categorized as “underrated,” at any point down the road, it’s easily one of my favorite’s from the new record, so make sure you check that out, too:

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