Chris Pratt Responds To “Woke Critics” Who Gave ‘The Terminal List’ Bad Reviews: “One Point Six Billion Minutes”

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is clapping back.

The star actor recently released his new Amazon Prime show, The Terminal List, last month, and from what I’ve heard so far, it’s pretty good.

Based on the book by former Navy SEAL and author Jack Carr, the show is based around Pratt’s character, Navy SEAL James Reece, who is willing to go to every extent to figure out who wiped out his platoon, and is taking no prisoners along the way.

Of course, you have those critics on Rotten Tomatoes that are gonna absolutely nitpick the ever livin’ bejesus out of each and every show or movie just because they’re miserable that they’ve chosen to be a “film critic” for a fulltime job…. those folks, they listed the new show as “Rotten.”

In fact, the critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes is a measly 40%.

Hell, some of the best movies I’ve ever seen have gotten incredibly low critic’s scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, as we all know, a critic’s judgement of a movie can be the complete opposite of the general public as a ton of fans expressed their love for the show, and gave it a 94% “Fresh” review for the audience score.

So long story short, “critics” hated it and regular folks watching Amazon Video loved it. And you can’t help but notice politics working its way into those opinions.

Here’s a look at some press reviews:

The Daily Beast called it, “an unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy.”

Roger Ebert called it, “an alpha male cry for help” and “jingoism at its finest, and absolute worst.”

Vulture called it, “chest-thumping miasma of patriotic aggression and xenophobic paranoia,” but added they watched all of it because Taylor Kitsch is hot.

Slate said the show is, “yet another invitation to worship at the altar of the Navy SEALs, who have become, in the decades after 9/11, our culture industries’ warrior saints, which isn’t good.”

TV Line said, “we’re served up huge helpings of red-meat masculinity, hardheaded jingoism and heavy-handed symbolism. (Oh, and lots and lots of American flags).”

Slash Film called it, “an offensively bad military thriller.”

You get the point…

With that being said, Pratt took to his Instagram story to shoot down the “woke critics,” a title he implied by sharing a Daily Mail article referring to his show as the next Yellowstone.

In another post, he shared a picture of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, while showing the massive number of people who’d watched the show on Prime Video.

Chris Pratt

The Nielson reports state that at least 1.6 billion minutes were spent watching The Terminal List, and was the number one show on Amazon Prime Video, and second only to Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4.

The Terminal List officially premiered on Prime Video on July 1st.

Here’s the official trailer:

Chris Pratt Says Anyone Who Says They Could Be A Navy SEAL Is A “Douchebag”

A new military series starring Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch and Constance Wu is hitting Amazon Prime Video this week. Titled The Terminal List, the new series is based on the book by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua and Ellen Kuras, the series tells the story of Lieutenant Commander James Reece, played by Chris Pratt, whose platoon of Navy SEALs are ambushed while on a covert mission.

However, when he returns home, he finds out that the fix may be in, and he might’ve been set up from the beginning.

Priding itself on authenticity, the show features a ton of help from actual military members both on and off the camera.

And according to Yahoo, that was what hooked Pratt after he read the book:

“100 percent… that was a huge determining factor in choosing to option this book and bring it to the screen. It was wildly authentic.

I think that’s the main thing people rave about when they read The Terminal List is ‘Wow, it’s very refreshing to get what is very obviously an authentic point of view into the life of a Navy SEAL commander’ and that’s Jack Carr and his experience with combat deployments overseas.

But yeah, that was the reason we did it, the authenticity and to honor these men and women.”

And this isn’t Pratt’s first rodeo when it comes to playing a Navy SEAL. He starred in the 2012 movie Zero Dark Thirty about Operation Neptune Spear, AKA the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

So does with what he knows about the SEALS, does Chris Pratt have what it takes to actually be one? His answer was a resounding no.

In fact, he had some less than kind words for anyone who even thinks they could handle it, and would actually say that out loud:

“First of all, anyone who ever answers that question ‘yes’ is a douchebag.

Even if they kinda believe, maybe in the back of their head, maybe no, the answer has gotta be ‘No.’

You can’t possibly understand or comprehend what these men go through in just through hell week, let alone, the full BUD/S training. So I severely doubt it. I think most people don’t have the makeup to get it done.

I’m blessed to be in a position as an actor and as a producer to be able to share this story onscreen. That’s my journey, but I do it because I have such an affinity for the men who can actually cut it.”

I mean, I can’t say I disagree.

No matter how hard you think it is, and no matter how tough you think you are…  Plenty of bad mf’ers have tried and failed to cut it in the SEALS. And Chris knows it.

Author Jack Carr has been on Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, a number of times, discussing everything from his book, to life in the military, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and more.

Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell Shares ‘Lone Survivor’ Story

In you’re not familiar with Marcus Luttrell, you should be.

He’s a retired Navy SEAL, a war hero, Mark Wahlberg played him in the a movie Lone Survivor… the dude is a world class badass whose life story is second to none. A man who descended into the depths of hell and came back alive.

During his visit with the great Joe Rogan, Marcus and Joe dug into his military career, Operation Red Wings, the movie Lone Survivor and more, and while the podcast ended up getting cut short because Marcus had a little too much to drink (happens to the best of us), his story about his time on Afghanistan is absolutely incredible.

If you’ve seen Lone Survivor or read Marcus’ book (and even if you haven’t), it’s definitely worth a listen.

His first-hand account of the sheer brutality of war, the differences between real life and the movies, and his perspective now after surviving the worst imaginable set of circumstances, is probably something everybody should hear.

Listen to Marcus recall his rescue during the horrific Operation Red Wings.

Marcus also detailed why he ultimately decided to go back into the military after his nightmare experience in Afghanistan.

And finally, Joe asked what it was like having a movie made about the absolute worst moment of his life.


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