Carrie Underwood Returns To The ‘Sunday Night Football’ Open For 10th Year

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Carrie Underwood is returning for her 10th season singing the iconic Sunday Night Football theme song.

NBC, the home of SNF, announced her return last night during the Pro Football Hall of Fame game, which for some inexplicable reason I found myself watching because I’m chomping at the bit for football season to kickoff again.

It’s not a game that counts for anything, with hardly any first-string players taking the field, and is more ceremonial for the weekend of Pro Football Hall of Fame’s induction ceremonies. The Las Vegas Raiders beat the Jacksonville Jaguars last night by a score of 27-11, for whatever that’s worth.

So, needless to say, the announcement that Carrie’s coming back for year 10 was easily the most exciting thing that happened during the game:

“This #NFL season will mark 10 consecutive years of Carrie Underwood starring in the iconic Sunday Night Football open.”

Of course, Faith Hill was the SNF girl for many years, belting out “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” every weekend on TV’s across America, but I’ve loved seeing Carrie step up and carry on the torch over the last decade. If anyone is on Faith’s level in terms of vocal ability, it’s Carrie Underwood.

Per the usual with the SNF opener, which they revamped some last year, the video itself will look a bit different each weekend depending on the game’s location and what the matchup is. In addition, the lyrics will change slightly depending on the teams featured that week, as well.

Carrie also shared a post on Instagram about her return, saying she can’t wait to be back for football season in September, along with a short clip of this years video and a little bit of throwback footage, too:

10 years and we’re still going strong. See you Sunday nights beginning in September!”

Preseason NFL games will start next Thursday and go through the weekend, with the regular season games officially returning with Thursday Night Football on September 8th.

Here’s the 2021 version of the song:

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