Carrie Underwood Returns For ‘Sunday Night Football’ Opener

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We’re only about a week away from the first NFL regular season game.

After how weird last year was, and with the hope that more fans will actually be allowed in stadiums this season, it gets me even more pumped for the coming months.

Though I say that very cautiously, as several country music artists have already canceled fall shows due to rising COVID numbers.

With Sunday schedules full of NFL football games as of right now, though, that also means that NBC’s Sunday Night Football is right around the corner, too.

Carrie Underwood is back for the ninth year in a row on September 12th as she stars in the debut of this years version of the opening track “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night”.

She recently shared a teaser

While the song typically varies some year to year, this season, they’re taking to a whole other level.

They shot the video on industrial light & magic’s cutting-edge LED sound stage using virtual production technology (recently used in “The Mandalorian”) in order to create a virtual tailgate as the backdrop to her performance to coincide with each different game across the country.

So, the video itself will look a bit different each weekend depending on the game’s location and what the matchup is.

Carrie said creating a new video for the show each year is a highlight for her:

“Shooting the new show open for Sunday Night Football is one of the highlights of my year. I just love the fact that we get to reinvent it every year. 

The team behind these shoots is incredible and it’s always a really fun day, especially this year getting to work with such amazing state-of-the-art technology.”

It will also include cameos from some of the biggest stars in the NFL, which they do every year in some form or fashion, and will also feature user-generated videos from fans at their own tailgates.

Carrie shared a stunning head shot from the video shoot on Instagram with a sneak peek at her outfit, noting her excitement for the premiere in a couple weeks.

Football season can’t get here fast enough, y’all:

“Here we go — year 9 with @snfonnbc and I think we’ve created the best opener yet! We’ve got some pretty awesome technology for this one and I can’t wait for you all to see it on September 12 on @nbc and @peacocktv!”

Here’s the 2020 version of the song:

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