Raccoon Holds Its Own Against Ninja Bobcat With Insane Quickness

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Didn’t see that one coming…

You would think a predator like a bobcat would be able to handle itself just fine and even take down a few raccoons. I mean, there’s not much of a size difference between the two, but the old trash panda doesn’t seem like a good match-up for a bobcat.

What do I know though? Clearly, the raccoon can hold its own against this beast of a kitty.

The two have an intense stare down in a person’s backyard near Sarasota, Florida. The raccoon circles around, not breaking eye contact and finally… the bobcat attacks.

The raccoon doesn’t back of an inch and gives it right back to the bobcat, which you can tell he wasn’t expecting. The two go back and forth, with the bobcat using its ninja-like agility to strike and evade, almost simultaneously. It’s insane how quick it is… like Floyd Mayweather in his prime.

They tangle until the bobcat turns to run away, with the raccoon right on its tail.

The bobcat circles back but the raccoon chases it right out the yard, making sure it knew who was boss of the back yard.

What a strange battle to witness with a very unexpected outcome, but it’s probable the raccoon recently had some babies and was fighting to protect her young.

But according to the homeowner, his backyard is full of awesome animal adventures:

“Please subscribe to enjoy wildlife videos from my backyard every week! This video caught the dispute between a mother raccoon and a fairly young bobcat.

Watch to the end and you’ll see the bobcat run back into the slough but what you can’t see is that it jumps over the water stream and goes up a tree. The raccoon following it cries out and jumps into the water as you can hear from the splash.

Another astonishing thing is the sound of the cat’s body cutting through the air with such speed that the camera picked it up. And of course, Mr. Ibis Bird sauntering by at the very end.”

The bird cracked me up…

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